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Take this which Animal Kingdom character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

The queen bee is Janine, her no-goodniks brood lovingly known as “Smurf.” Portrayed in Jacki Weaver’s original film, the role changes hands for Ellen Barkin’s small screen remake in a performance that netted her with a nomination for Best Supportive Actress. She animates Smurf with the same eager contrast that made Weaver a trans-Pacific phenomenon between matronly devotion and unsparing cruelty, and when the viewer meets her, she growls a wordless violent threat to her own son for burning up a perfected batch of cupcakes.

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Eldest son Pope (Fear the Shawn Hatosy Walking Dead) comes from a long clink stay during the pilot and the turbulent young man is unwilling to see how his shop is managed while his absence. His brother Craig (Ben Robson) and close friend of Baz (Scott Speedman), who gets insane about the high-risk Codys lifestyle when a wife and a child take the picture, receive the brunt of his abuse. Also, you will find out which Animal Kingdom character are you in this quiz.

Which Animal Kingdom character are you

And after his reunion with his family and the de facto substitute for the audience, there is Josh, the reborn “J” (Finn Cole). Once his mom dies of a heroin OD, J contacts his odd grandmother Smurf, who receives him with open talons. He is the motor of the inward conflict show. Scared both by his cruel uncles and strangely threatening grandma and fascinated by their control.

In the final episode of the past week the Cody family matriarch. Janine’s ‘Smurf’ Cody (shown by the Ellen Barkin series), was shocked fully shot. In the first week of this event. Also, the creation and creativity of TNT’s Animal Kingdom were prepared to meet the deck.

In addition, the just-airing conclusion this evening, a wildcard present that (if he remains around) will totally disrupt the relationships and fate of the Cody family expedition was filled with the queen’s place in the Animal Kingdom. Then, the game’s wild card is a familiar face from Stage 3: Billy Cody, depicted by former Rescue Me actor Denis Leary with badass flair.

About the quiz

The danger our characters encounter each day in their lives is a major component of the Animal Kingdom reality. We’d like to make the viewer feel real in the world of our characters. In addition, nobody could live forever and I think the authors had an interesting talk about this family’s power dynamics. When power moves, what happens? What changed the family from Baz’s death? Without their mother, how would the Cody guys survive? Facing this loss it will be intriguing to witness the progress or reversal of our personality. What Animal Kingdom character are you?

Welcome to the world of Melbourne. After the death of Joshua ‘J’ Cody, 17. Craig (Sullivan Stapleton, Middle Brother) has been a successful but unpredictable trader of medicines, whereas the youngest Darren (Luke Ford) follows naively the lead of his senior friars. Just like the company partner and also the best buddy of ‘Pope’s.’

Barry Brown (Joel Edgerton), determines that he wants to leave the game. Realizes that the tension between the family and the police explodes. Furthermore, ‘J’ stands at the center of the cold-blooded vendetta that upsets his family and throws him into Nathan Leckie, the senior murder detective (Guy Pearce). Also, “Animal Kingdom” is a gripping crime drama that explores the tension between criminal and police families and the regular lives that have been caught in the midst.

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which animal kingdom character are you
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