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Take this which 12 Angry Men character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

We enter a court and look up in a jury box twelve men. The court instructs them to rule on first-degree assassination proceedings. The accused is an 18-year-old child accused of murdering his father, and every juror seems quite confident that he has done so. It takes them scarcely any time when they enter the jury room to vote for guilty. But you have a verdict which is not guilty. In the United States, jurors normally have a single vote to resolve a matter, therefore it seems like jurors don’t walk anywhere until Juror #8 (the layer) may play a ball.

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In the beginning, Juror #8 claims he merely wants to discuss the verdict for a while. After all, they are about, Juror #8 wants, without a preliminary dialogue, to condemn an 18-year-old kid to the Electric Chair. The jurors ask him to cease to stop stalking and so continue with the guilty verdict, nevertheless, he gives specific aspects of the case, which annoy him. Juror #8, at last, calls on the captain to take a second vote, which will leave him (#8). He’s going to join them and finish the whole thing if each body votes for guilty again. But one of the other jurors will be sure, not guilty, and the discussion will continue. Also, you will find out which 12 Angry Men character are you in this quiz.

Which 12 Angry Men character are you

The only knife used to kill his father is one of the most important pieces of evidence against the young man on trial. A shop owner told the children earlier in the night to sell this type of knife. But Juror #8 shows that when he pumps an exact replication into the jury table, the knife is not unique. Juror #8 is slightly more supportive of his Not Guilty verdict than those others are surprised.

The longer we talk, the more we discover that there were some jurors (like #3 and #10) who wanted to send the child to the electric chair for small personal reasons. However, Jury #8 continues its attack on the evidence by establishing that one witness (an old guy) couldn’t have been there when he supposedly observed the defendant depart the killing scene. Suddenly, there are as many voting for Not Guilty (and we mean suddenly after a lengthy, difficult argument), as there is for Guilty.

The men file in and decide to take a little break in advance. They lament that the room is warm and air-conditioned, not even the fan works.

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All jurors, except for the eighth Jury, vote “non-criminality,” which causes them to consider the issue because of the requirement of a unanimous jury.

These opposing votes are strongly reacted by the jury. They eventually decide to go around the table. In order to convince the eighth judge, explaining why they think the youngster to be guilty. What 12 Angry Men character are you?

Through this debate, we learn the following facts: An old man living under the boy, and his father told him he heard the fighting upstairs, the child screaming, “I’ll kill you,” he saw the child running down the steps, and when he saw him striking the ground. The youngster stated he was in the films during the killing of his father, but couldn’t recall the film’s name or who he was. A street woman claimed that she saw the kid kill his dad in the windows of a raised railway. That night, the youngster had a dispute with his dad and the child’s dad had beaten him twice.

This surprises us when the juror’s vote and a dissident voice turns out to be among them. This leads to conflicts between jurors, in particular. Because the Judge’s instructions say that the ultimate verdict decision cannot be taken unless the 12 agree unanimously.

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which 12 angry men character are you
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