Which Magic School Bus Character Are You?


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Ms. Frizzle’s class goes on a field trip to a museum, but after stopping for lunch at a park, she abruptly pulls all of the pupils back aboard the bus, except for Arnold. Then she miraculously shrinks the bus until it is small enough for Arnold to swallow without thinking. This results in the construction of two parallel tales, one inside Arnold and one outside of him. Inside the bus, the class learns about digestion from the mouth to the stomach and the small intestine.

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The bus then enters a blood vessel where readers can see through the plasma where red and white blood cells fight pathogens and flow into the heart where the class, now out of the bus and dressed in operating room smocks and masks, flow to the brain with the red blood cells, now with fresh oxygen. From there, they descend the spine’s bones, trace nerves to learn how muscles work, and finally catch up with the bus to exit into the nasal cavity. Meanwhile, Arnold has recovered from being lost and alone and has returned to school. He sends the bus out into the parking lot with a single sneeze, where it returns to full size. The class may now chart the body based on real-world experience. Also, you must try to play this Which Magic School Bus Character Are You quiz.

Which Magic School Bus Character Are You?

The Magic School Bus first aired on PBS in the United States from 1994 to 1997. (being the first television airing). It is broadcast on PBS as part of the children’s programming block. It was the first fully animated program to appear on PBS via South Carolina’s SCETV network. On December 6, 1997, the final program aired (on PBS). By the end of the series, it was one of the highest-rated PBS shows for school-age children.

Following the final episode, the show was repeated irregularly on PBS until September 25, 1998. PBS canceled the show from its schedule on September 26, 1998, to make place for additional preschool-oriented programming. The original TV series was acquired by Fox network (in the United States) the same year. After the Fox network acquired the TV show, it was relocated to the Fox Kids block, where it remained until 2002.

The series was used as a weekday offering by Fox Kids (on US television) to fulfill educational television mandates for its affiliates. From 1998 until 2002, it aired in reruns. On September 27, 2010, The Magic School Bus debuted on US television as part of a daily Qubo run. It was then broadcast on NBC (on Saturday mornings). The Fox Kids and Qubo broadcasts featured a condensed version of the beginning. The original version of the opening was also used in PBS, TLC, and Discovery Kids’ airings (on US television), CBC Kids (on Canadian television), and the VHS and DVD editions.

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TLC and Discovery Kids (on US television) chose to air it after its permanent removal from PBS in 1998 (in order for PBS to make room on its programming for other new preschool programs) and Fox Kids in 2002. TLC showed it on US television from February 24, 2003, to 2008, while Discovery Kids aired it from 2004 to 2009. (as part of the Ready Set Learn block). It is broadcast on CBC Kids (from 2000 to 2003), Teletoon, and Knowledge Network in Canada. It is broadcast on Channel 4, Nickelodeon, and Pop in the United Kingdom. Since 2005, the original TV series has been owned by the Canadian company Nelvana, which has sold it to the Latin American versions of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. The show is presently distributed by 9 Story Media Group as of 2021.


  • Ms. Valerie Frizzle
  • Arnold PerlsteinArnold Perlstein
  • Carlos RamonCarlos Ramon
  • Dorothy Ann RourkeDorothy Ann Rourke
  • Wanda LiWanda Li
  • Ralphie TennelliRalphie Tennelli
  • Keesha FranklinKeesha Franklin
  • Janet PerlsteinJanet Perlstein
  • Tim JamalTim Jamal
  • Phoebe TeresePhoebe Terese
  • The ProducerThe Producer
  • CallerCaller

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