Which Waitress Character Are You?

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Take this Which Waitress Character Are You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Waitress, based on the 2007 film of the same name, follows Jenna, a woman who is pregnant without wanting to be, locked in an abusive relationship in a tiny town with no hope for a future other than fear and fake positivism. She escapes her pain by baking pies, her own creations that she calls after their distinctively paired thematic components and the events that inspired them, and her mother’s recipes that formerly directed her own baking.

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She sells her wares at Joe’s Pie Diner, where she also works as a waitress, and this job and her pals there are her sole world outside of her spouse. Becky and Dawn, the other waiters at the diner, are Jenna’s best friends and confidantes, women with their own peculiarities and nuances, but who, like Jenna, have illusions of finer love than they’ve experienced and lives that aren’t so enclosed and full of monotony. Jenna is forced to confront all the things inside her that are hurting and take action to improve them when she meets her new male doctor and sparks of lust begin to fly between them. Also, you must try to play this Which Waitress Character Are You quiz.

Which Waitress Character Are You?

What begins as a story about a romantic love that helps Jenna break free from the things that bind her to a sad life evolves into a story about love in so many more circumstances. Jenna finds happiness by accepting the types of love she actually deserves, particularly the love that will be there for her the longest, and rejecting those that undermine her ability to feel powerful in her own life.

Waitress is, above all else, a story about women. The three waitresses work hard to inspire one another as they pursue their own unique paths to build their own delights in a world that doesn’t always accommodate to them. Becky and Dawn are adamant that Jenna leave her violent husband, taking care of her in ways that clearly highlight the undeniable bonds that women have in times of adversity.

Jenna and Becky keep an eye on Dawn as she makes her first timid steps into dating and falling in love, and Dawn and Jenna aren’t afraid to try to soften some of Becky’s sharp edges. With one another’s help, an unrivaled team formed on profound love and validation, all three are able to confidently overcome challenges that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

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Waitress is a genuinely unique project because of the simplicity and sincerity of the relationships of love and friendship between women. The show, created and produced entirely by women, is unapologetically feminist in its examination of the realities of common women’s lives in American culture. Waitress is atmospherically complex while portraying a refreshingly honest view of the usual little southern American town, thanks to Sara Bareilles’ compositions’ spellbindingly beautiful harmonies evocative of old radio songstresses and rural American music stylings.

This lovely and earnest musical delivers a sensitive and deep plot while attempting to understand the numerous types of labor that so many women perform without recognition on a daily basis, from the emotional to the physical. Within this basic philosophy, we learn from all of the characters what it truly means to “make the best of what you have” while remembering and recognizing your own value. Waitress tells its audience, delicately and with ageless pleasure, that the right to make free choices should not be eclipsed by the needs of others, and that when one’s own aims are allowed to shine forth, we can all discover true happiness in the simplest and most rewarding ways.

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