What Is Your Secret Fantasy?

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Having a Sexual Relationship with a Stranger

Rather than being frightening, the concept of having a sexual encounter with a stranger is immensely popular among women since it allows us to be free. If you’re in a long-term relationship or just seeing someone seriously, the romance and eroticism of the connection can fade as you get to know each other’s toilet routines and how they appear when they’re sick. The concept of doing nasty with an unknown person removes all of that, leaving two people who simply want to get down to business!

Uninhibitedness is a crucial prerequisite for many girls in order to feel comfortable enough to truly enjoy themselves – a huge requirement for success. Self-consciousness and insecurity can surely damper the atmosphere, but when we meet a stranger, we don’t have to face the same (perceived) criticism, which can be a real turn-on. While we don’t want to be taken advantage of by some random person, the fact that it occurs in our fantasies provides an excellent option for escape.

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Ménage À Trois

While we’ve already discussed why many women fantasize about having multiple partners at the same time, it’s not quite as widespread as this one, which is the popular three-party system. It doesn’t matter who creates this fantasy (whether it’s another man and a woman, two men, or two women), it’s all about the ego and feeling like you’re the hottest thing on the planet. Also, you must try to play this What Is Your Secret Fantasy quiz.

What Is Your Secret Fantasy?

When a woman engages in this popular secret desire, it’s usually because she wants to be pampered and worshipped – and what better illustration of that could there be than two people battling over you? Being the center of attention is obviously aphrodisiac, but there’s also the added factor of perhaps watching the other two go at it, which can add a touch of power and voyeurism to this scenario. However, if you are completely overtaken, it might lead to another very prevalent desire among women: being dominated.

Being Ruled Over

Contrary to popular opinion, the desire to be controlled does not necessarily reflect a desire to be beaten or abused in everyday life, nor does it necessarily represent a lack of self-esteem and self-respect. Instead, the dream of being dominated (which became famous in general society because to the Fifty Shades of Grey series, despite being an exceedingly incorrect picture of that particular relationship) is more about being able to surrender control in a controlled atmosphere.

This fantasy is quite popular among women who have their life together and merely need a break from their exhausting daily routine – and what better place to take a vacation than in the bedroom? Because those wicked notions aren’t yours — they’re his – being obedient at someone else’s command allows you to indulge without feeling guilty. This fantasy can include a wide range of topics, but as long as they’re consensual and you’re at ease with them, there’s nothing to worry about and no cause to overthink them.

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Highlights Reel

This secret fantasy is one of the few that combines fact and fiction, since when we fantasize about the highlight reel, we’re reliving great times we’ve had (or things we’ve seen) that get our motor going. Many women worry that this equates to emotional infidelity because you’re visualizing a previous relationship while with your present one, but it has nothing to do with cheating. Instead, because it’s physical evidence of a former event that made you feel good, relying on the highlight reel in your thoughts to get you in the mood is highly typical. Instead of viewing this secret fantasy as an example of unhappiness in your present relationship or love situation, treat it as nostalgia and see if there’s a common denominator in all these memories that you might like to introduce into your current personal life!

Everything is new to you.

Similar to number 3, this is a secret desire that many women avoid discussing since it can have violent undertones that they do not want to experience in real life. The concept of being taken advantage of by a more experienced, powerful partner who can teach us a few new tricks of the trade is most women’s top secret fantasy. While many women dislike mentioning the R-word that this imagery conjures up, it’s vital to understand that just because you fantasize about such an idea doesn’t mean you want it to happen in real life, or that this fantasy can be used against you. It’s simply in your head for your personal amusement, unless you want to bring it out to play with your SO (after much deliberation, of course)!

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