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Take this What Is My Ideal Man quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

The definition of a good man is highly subjective. What one woman considers to be good may be harmful to another. Today, we’ll go over some general characteristics of a nice man to look for if you’re thinking about getting into a relationship with him.

The truth is that many women are drawn to “Prince-Charming” types of men. That’s why we’d gravitate toward the tall, dark (or light? ), pink-lipped, cute guy. It is, nevertheless, normal. Who doesn’t enjoy good-looking things?

When it comes to settling down and participating in a long-term relationship with a man, though, it’s usually a different story.

Most women understand by this stage that it’s not all about how good a man looks. We then discuss a number of other attributes that are essential for any man to possess.

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It’s easy to wonder why some women who used to appreciate cute gentlemen wind up dating or marrying unattractive ones. It appears to be due to a shift in priorities throughout the years — from what doesn’t truly important to what does. Also, you must try to play this What Is My Ideal Man quiz.

What Is My Ideal Man?

He’s astute.
A smart guy is ideal for any lady. When I say smart, I don’t necessarily mean a bookworm, but rather a person with a dash of street smarts.

Smart men think quickly and easily to solve difficulties. They’re inventive and creative. They have the ability to create a great setting out of nothing. In other words, they can easily adapt and tend to see the larger picture.

He shares your beliefs.
The importance of value compatibility in a partnership cannot be overstated.

If you and your man share the same ideals, you will easily agree on many topics. Some disagreements and battles will be easily avoided.

You will agree with me that most of the time, various people have different options, aspirations, alternatives, priorities, and so on… As a result, finding someone who shares your values could be a difficult endeavor.

e Understands How To Dissolve Tension
Another feature of a decent man to look for is if he is the type of man who can detect tension and relieve it before it escalates into anything dangerous.

For example, if a small fight is brewing between the two of you, see if he knows how to insert a well-timed joke that makes you laugh. In other words, if he detects your negative emotions and finds a method to make you laugh, he is a wonderful guy.

He is concerned about your family and friends.
A man who loves you enough to appreciate your family and friends is someone you should hang out with.

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In fact, how a man treats other individuals related to you is one of the methods to determine how much he loves and respects you.

It’s fantastic to have a partner that is close to your father and adores your mother. It’s also wonderful to have a boyfriend who gets along well with your pals. It allows you to interact with other people without having to peek over your shoulder.

He’s the guardian.
While overprotectiveness may quickly turn toxic, having a protective man as a partner is rather endearing.

Every woman desires a man who makes her feel physically and emotionally safe. A man who recognizes her flaws and works with her to overcome them. A man who can detect her vulnerabilities and help her feel her best. Basically, a man who makes her feel like she’s the most beautiful lady on the planet. Above all, a man who attempts to keep her safe!

He Recognizes That You Are a Professional Woman.
If you are a woman who is passionate about her work and wants to pursue it further, one attribute of a decent man to look for is one that appreciates and supports your decision.

As you may be aware, not every man enjoys the career-woman thing. Some males simply do not believe it. According to them, a woman’s role is to stay at home and care for her children and her husband’s needs…

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