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Which Kalos Starter Is For You – Pokemon Quiz


Take this Which Kalos Starter Is For You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Unlike previous generations of games, the starter Pokemon will not be provided directly by the local Professor. Professor Sycamore bestows these beginning Pokemon to your character’s friends and neighbors, who in turn bestow them on you at Aquacorde Town. Shauna offers you the starter that is elementally weak to the one you choose after you defeat the Pokemon League Champion.

Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie are the Kalos Region’s three beginning Pokemon.


Chespin is a Pokemon that is a Grass-type spiny nut. It will evolve into the Grass-type Quilladin when it reaches level 16. It will evolve into the Grass- and Fighting-type Chesnaught when it reaches level 36.

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This Pokemon chain focuses on physical attack defense. The Attack stat is its second strongest stat by a little margin. The HP stat is, by a little margin, the third-best stat. It’s not the greatest Pokemon to utilize for an all-out defensive strategy, but it’s probably the finest of the three starters at taking damage. Chesnaught’s other metrics are practically equal to each other, and he’s a long way from the top two. Also, you must try to play this Which Kalos Starter Is For You quiz.

Which Kalos Starter Is For You?

Chespin, the Spiny Nut Pokemon, begins the game at a disadvantage due to the first Gym Leader being an extremely powerful Bug-type expert. This is an undesirable disadvantage, but it is quickly offset by its unique move diversity, which neither of the other starters has.

Chespin swiftly learns Rollout, a Rock-type attack that can deliver massive damage to Bug-type and Flying-type Pokemon early on. This avoids any of its flaws from holding it back and adds a new dimension to battle early in the game, which the other starters lack.


Fennekin is a fox Pokemon of the Fire-type. It will evolve into the Fire-type Braixen when it reaches level 16. It will evolve into the Fire- and Psychic-type Delphox at level 36.

This Pokemon chain specializes in Special Attack and Speed attributes, giving it a speedy and powerful Pokemon. Its Special Defense isn’t far behind the top two attributes, allowing it to take a few shots while also sending out some damage. Delphox’s other three stats are roughly identical and about 20 points lower than the best two.

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Froakie is a Water bubble frog Pokemon. It evolves into the Water-type Frogadier at level 16. It evolves into the Water- and Dark-type Greninja at level 36.

This Pokemon chain excels in Speed, whereas Special Attack, the second greatest stat, is around 15 points lower. Its third greatest stat is Attack, yet it is only roughly 40 points away from first place. It has the lowest Defense, Special Defense, and HP of any Pokemon, making it the type to hit hard and quick in the hopes of eliminating the opponent before it is eliminated.

Pokemon X and Y represented a significant advancement in the Pokemon series. While there were many fantastic improvements to the 3DS, such as Triple Battles and Mega Evolutions, the major difference was the switch to full 3D models rather than pixelated sprites. It was a strikingly diverse visual experience that laid the groundwork for Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Chespin, Froakie, and Fennekin were among the three new starters introduced with the transition to 3D. With the game’s new look, these three are unlike any other starting before them, and they are as distinct in appearance as they are in battle. But one of them is unquestionably superior to the others, and here’s how this Pokemon compare.

Michael Christopher updated this page on April 12, 2021: Kalos Pokemon have begun to spawn in Pokemon GO, which may entice some fans to dust up their X and Y cartridges and relive their Kalos trip. Those of you experiencing difficulty selecting a Starter should refer to this list, which we’ve revised to ensure it’s clear, useful, and helpful.

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