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Take this House Of Payne Quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

The reboot features the return of the majority of the original cast members from the TBS broadcast. Curtis Payne, the family patriarch who never shies away from voicing his views, is played by LaVan Davis. Curtis is a devoted husband to Ella (Davis Patton) and a strict father to Calvin (played by Lance Gross). Ella is a kind matriarch with a big heart and strong family values, and she knows how to keep Curtis on the hook. Calvin, the lone child of the Payne family, is the father of Calvin Jr. and Christian.

Demetria McKinney plays Janine Payne, CJ’s wife and mother of four children: Malik, Jazmine, and twins Jayden and Hayden. Janine has overcome her drug addiction. China Jazmine Payne, CJ and Janine’s daughter, is played by Anne McClain. Jazmine, who is very close to her father, is recognized for having a clever attitude and a sardonic sense of humor.

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Malik Payne, the eldest son of CJ and Janine, is played by Larramie “Doc” Shaw. Malik resembles his uncle Curtis in his youth. Keshia Knight Pulliam plays Miranda, Calvin’s wife, and Calvin Jr’s stepmother. Christian’s biological mother is Miranda. Allen Payne plays CJ Payne, Curtis and Ella’s nephew whom they have nurtured. CJ is the Chief Commissioner of the Fire Department. Also, you must try to play this House Of Payne Quiz.

House Of Payne Quiz

Tyler Perry fans have had a number of TV endeavors to cherish over the years, but many consider House of Payne to be the best.

The American sitcom debuted on TBS in 2007 and has since amassed quite a following, garnering a spin-off titled The Paynes in 2018.

While many assumed House of Payne would not return after season 8 in 2012, the resurrection was officially confirmed and began in 2020, concluding with the 25th and last episode on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021.

The season has been a roller coaster trip for fans, but maybe the biggest surprise came towards the conclusion, with viewers compelled and anxious to find out what happened to CJ in the finale…

Season 9 of ‘House of Payne’ picks up five years after the events of Season 8’s end (which aired in 2012). Curtis Payne, now a retired fire chief, is seen dealing with life’s challenges with his eccentric, modern family. Of course, he is accompanied on his journey by his adoring, loyal wife Ella. The season begins with Malik preparing to inform his family that his new girlfriend, Lisa, may be pregnant. What follows is a series of humorous incidents involving the future baby, family feuds, and disagreements about parental roles. Calvin and Miranda’s divorce is also being reconsidered, and Jazmine is faced with difficult choices as she enters maturity.

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CJ was involved in an accident in the season 9 finale, but his fate will not be revealed until season 10.
After learning that Ella had kidnapped the twins in the aftermath of Lisa and Malik’s dispute, CJ warned her that he didn’t want her interfering.

CJ’s accident is established towards the end of the episode, and we see Ella’s troubled reaction, which has led many to wonder about the outcome of the accident and how bad it was.

While it’s unclear whether he survived, a number of followers have taken to Twitter to share their concerns, with one stating, “I suspect CJ got into a vehicle accident racing downtown because the red alert had occurred while at the house…”

There is no information on House of Payne’s season 10 return as of yet.

However, given that it’s a popular show that has only recently acquired a new home on BET, it’s probable that a renewal will be announced soon. It’s improbable that OWN will resuscitate it and then cancel it after only one season, especially with so many loose ends left hanging in the season 9 finale.

In terms of when we could see it, The Cinemaholic reports that actor Lance Gross stated that Tyler Perry films the episodes quite rapidly, even recording two or three episodes a day in certain cases.

With this in mind, Season 10 of House of Payne might appear as early as late 2021.

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