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Take this What Type Of School Girl Am I Quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Teasing is usual among friends, but when it escalates into mocking, it is referred to as bullying. Some girls take teasing so far as to make the other person feel degraded and tormented. But what kind of sick satisfaction do these cruel girls get from being so condescending? What motivates people to act in this manner?

According to studies, adolescent mean girls in high school frequently desire acceptance and control in all aspects of their lives. If they lack it in one area, they try to make up for it in another. Miss A, for example, has no say in her household. Her family frequently ignores her and does not listen to what she has to say. So she gathers a community of girls that adore, accept, and look up to her. She then seeks control of the group so that she can direct events in the way she desires. She will not want anyone to influence the dynamics of the group once she has assumed the position of authority. She will go to any length to keep her status. This desire for power and acceptance leads to aggressive behavior toward helpless victims.

Editor’s Picks

Sour-Sweet Girl
Her appearance is lovely, but what about her personality? SourSweet suggests she is nice in a sarcastic way, but then says something harsh. They rarely mean what they say. Also, you must try to play this What Type Of School Girl Am I Quiz.

What Type Of School Girl Am I Quiz

The Queen of Drama
Okay, the drama queen type appears occasionally in works such as Dork Diaries, but let’s face it, drama queens usually have a circle of pals to whom she is just polite. The drama queen, like the SourSweet Girl, may deploy sarcasm.

The Sporting Lady
Typically, the Sports Girl is quite athletic. She might hang out with lads and play video games like Call of Duty and Gears of War. She may have a bit rebellious personality, although this is not always the case.

The Shy Lady
When you think about being shy, words like timid may come to mind. No, it’s not Timid from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Shy girls typically perform well in school and may feel most at ease talking to an adult they trust or friends they know.

What happened to my gum?! Girl
Consider this: you were caught chewing gum in class. This girl can’t live without chewable gum, such as Juicy Fruit. If you behave in this manner, you run the danger of being suspended or being caught by a teacher.

We’ll go through two more, both of which are crucial. These people aren’t all evil, and they’re good examples of good friends.

The Good Girl
The Kind Girl is well-liked by her classmates. She, too, is not a perfectionist. Girls like her are well-liked because they treat others fairly and are courteous and polite.

About the quiz

The Butterfly’s Social Life
This girl is similar to The Kind Girl, except she is more outgoing!! She gets good grades most of the time and isn’t a perfectionist like The Kind Girl. She is usually outgoing and has a large group of friends.

There are obviously several types of girls, and you should be whoever you want to be! These labels are purely for entertainment purposes, and they only represent a few of the many different types of girls out there!

High school is a time where you meet a lot of new people, and everyone goes through different phases. There will be at least one of these 23 categories of girls in every school, regardless of size. If you’ve already graduated, I’m sure a few more come to mind even faster.

The holder of gum.
After lunch, there is always a throng of people around her. She is a generous and caring young lady who everyone takes advantage of. They all know she can’t say no to giving out gum.

The sportsperson.
This is the girl who participates in almost every sport. She’s always wearing her jersey and chatting about sports. Even in gym class, she is fiercely competitive.

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what type of school girl am i quiz
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