Which TF2 Character Are You?

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Take this Which TF2 Character Are You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.


Many novice players assume that Demoman is a simple choice because the hero skills allow you to do large amounts of damage in one shot and set traps. The Scottish demolition expert, however, may not be the greatest choice for the player due to low-speed levels and relatively tough controls. Demoman is extremely vulnerable in melee combat unless you have excellent aim control, which takes time to learn. However, as appealing as 300 critical damage is, you are unlikely to master him in a few early games, which will ruin all the enjoyment you are intended to have.

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The reason you shouldn’t choose Engineer over the other Team Fortress 2 characters is based not only on stats but also on the hero’s key mechanics. To begin with, an Engineer, as a support hero, has a low health level, which means you won’t be able to withstand even two hits from a skilled player. Furthermore, a novice will struggle to understand the concept of creating buildings to kill foes for you rather than doing it yourself. You won’t have much fun at first figuring out how your hero works, and you won’t be able to rush around and shoot at every moving target. Also, you must try to play this Which TF2 Character Are You quiz.

Which TF2 Character Are You?


This is the first correct option for a newbie. For starters, you have 300 health, which is twice as much as some other TF characters have, and such a large quantity of HP allows a rookie player to experiment, make mistakes, and learn. Furthermore, in the Team Fortress universe, you are the epitome of a murdering machine. As you blast through the enemy crew, the entire squad rotates around you, shielding you from all dangers.


Isn’t it rare to encounter a gamer in a shooter who isn’t there to kill enemies? This is why, of all the Team Fortress 2 classes, Medic is the least used. The controls aren’t very challenging; rather, your colleagues rely on you. And you don’t get to participate in the map’s wacky antics. You must learn to prioritize who needs to be healed first and to master the skill of making swift judgments. Another important function is to keep an eye out for spies and attack them when you see them near your allies.


Despite being one of the most despised heroes in the community, Pyro is an excellent choice for newcomers. Why? To begin with, the character’s mechanics allow you to carry games even if you lack major shooting skills. The flamethrower doesn’t require you to aim perfectly to cause a lot of damage, and the afterburn ability allows you to score a kill. Avoid employing the W+M1 tactic (W on your keyboard and left mouse button), as it is considered overly basic and inhibits you from learning other inventive combat techniques. Also, you will find out which TF2 character are you in this quiz.

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Many gamers make the mistake of selecting this character since it may appear familiar at first glance if the player has prior expertise in games such as “Call of Duty” or “Battlefield.” Scout is one of the most difficult classes in the game, and even if you know how to shoot an enemy, it will take some time to readjust. To play somewhat successfully, you’ll need to learn the mechanics of the hero as well as specific talents like “flicking” aim.


This gaming class needs much more expertise than the Scout, and it’s nearly hard for a beginner to earn kills or have fun performing it in the first game. If you’re a seasoned CS:GO player with insane skills, mastering Sniper won’t take long. Sniper, on the other hand, will be overpowering for a new player.


The soldier is one of the best classes for a beginning and, in my opinion, one of the nicest classes in the game. Because of their large blast radius, players do not need to ponder or calculate their maneuvers in order to destroy foes. To have a successful game, all you have to do is see an enemy and then fire. If your rocket launcher isn’t the greatest option for whatever reason, the shotgun is a good backup and a terrific “hitscan.”


Spy is rumored to be the most complex class in Team Fortress 2. To be effective in this capacity, you must be able to foresee the conduct of every other class, including their thoughts and future moves. Spy is also a weak hero due to her low HP, hence any other class can simply kill you if discovered.

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