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Take this which Jojo character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

It is far more complicated to describe what JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is about. This manga was ultimately turned into animus in 2012, and will soon enter its fifth season. it’s one of the most renowned and important ever mangas. In many different animals, manga and even games many themes, pictures and ideas of character – such as “Stands,” a physical representation of psychic force – have become commonly used tropics. CLAMP began their careers as a fan comics company based on JoJo characters, and especially the Persona series owes JoJo’s a lot, as the leading people have only another name.

The creator and artist of JoJo, Hirohiko Araki, is so well known that the Louvre showcases his work. This final point alone was enough to attempt the show, although I didn’t know what I was for.

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The narrative of the Joestar Family is JoJo’s “Bizarre Advent” beginning with Jonathan, a manned English man who rivals his adopted brother Dio Brando. Dio is a mighty vampire with a cursed mask, and Jonathan hesitates to stop him. After learning of a struggle movement called the “Ripple,” where Jonathan kills the vampires by hitting the sun, he is trying to overthrow Dio once and for all. How is this odd concept already getting weirder, you ask? Well, for a ride, you’re in.

Which Jojo character are you

Each manga-and-anime arc covers the life and the exploits of another member of the Joestar family. His grandson Joseph, who has to combat the vampire Pillar Men, and subsequently his grandson Jotaro Kujo, who constructs a booth and makes an international voyage to slay Dio eventually, came. Also, you will find out which Jojo character are you in this quiz.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures is Hirohiko Araki’s manga/anime series. In January 1987, the first part of the manga, “Phantom Blood,” was initially released. In the 1800s he was feuding with Dio Brando, his stepbrother, who is also the villain of the series, and Jonathan Joestar (JoJo) was a titular character. Now, 30 years later, the manga has traveled to 8 parts, all following the genealogy of Joestar. The manga series was also turned into an anime from 2012 onwards. The series is particularly renowned not only for cultural references but also for how the series influenced pop culture.

Jonathon Joestar was living with his family and adoptive brother Dio Brando in the 19th century at the rich mansion of Joestar. After Jonathon finds his complot of dismissing mankind, becoming a vampire and killing their father, he has to learn from William Zeppeli the former technique of Hamon in order to overcome the complot of his brother in order to get power and money.

The companions of Joesph are Caesar Zeppeli, William Zeppeli’s grandson, and Lisa Lisa, Joesph’s wife, who teach Hamon. The purpose of the Pillar is to make humans the ultimate form of existence.

About the quiz

Wind back a bit of the clock. Imagine a decade-long narrative connected by blood and the most strange supernatural events. Oh, and super insane powers which make absolutely no sense, but are still very impressive. It’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s gist.

The part of Jojo in the equation comes from the main characters. Each has a first and surname name containing a “Jo.” That is why they are accompanied by the nickname Jojo. You have bloodline characters like Jonathan and Joseph and descendants like Jotaro Kujo or Jolene Kujo his daughter. Have you got meaning now? What Jojo character are you?

Dio is also one of the biggest anime dicks to rage, an egoistic and ambitious bastard who has every means to succeed. When Jonathan derails his plan to kill the Joestar family and steal their heritage, Dio takes the power from another source he wishes for: vampirism.

Oh yeah, and the transformation is absolutely ecstatic. Phantom Blood explains more about Jonathan’s fight with Dio, the manner in which he learns of Hamon’s old martial technique, and evinces the playing field against Dio, who has become a very tough enemy. He’s the sort of villain you loathe, and his presence in the universe of JoJo continues long after his last default. However, he’s truly a true asshole.

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which jojo character are you
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