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Take this which Pokemon are you quiz to find out which character from Pokemon you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Some pokemon are types of fire, some are types of water, some are grass, etc. Some people dwell in the dirt, others live underneath the water. But every pokemon is armed with specific attacks which relate to any element. Some people, known as pokemon training, employ pokemon for fighting. When a poker ball is attracted to the capture device, it is easily movable. The objective of a pokemon coach is to fight against another pokemon to strengthen his pokemon.

It can develop into another stronger creature if a pokemon has sufficient fight experience. You must collect a lot of pokemon, train some in pokemon fighting to be incredibly strong, and most importantly, you must persuade your pokemon to love you and trust you, or they will not obey you. You must be a good pokemon coach. The Pokemon anime follows Ash Ketchum, a Pallet Town pokemon trainer, who travels with friends throughout the various areas of the world of pokemon, meets all sorts of people, stops Rocket from stealing and controlling unique pokemon.

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In the territory of Kanto the third will be held, while in the region of Johto there will be the last three Indigo League, Adventures on Orange Iceland, Battle Frontier, Johto Journeys, the Johto League, Master Quest, and the first three. In all of these, Giovanni is leading team Rocket. Their major purpose was to achieve the world’s powerful and rare Pokemon.

Which Pokemon are you

Advanced, Advanced, and Advanced: these take place in the Hoenn area where Team Aqua and Team Magma are lead respectively by Archie and Maxie. The aim of Team Aqua was to broaden the sea by employing Kyogre and overflowing the land. The aim of Team Magma was to use Groudon to extend the territory. Also, you will find out which Pokemon are you in this quiz.

Battle Dimensions Diamond and Perl, Diamond and Pearl, Diamond and Pearl and Diamond and Pearl Sinnoh League Victors: all these are taking place in the Sinnoh area, where Cyrus has Team Galactic. Their major task is to reconstruct the world in the image of Cyrus, depending on who you ask.

Back in Olivine City, the heroes settle the dilemma of Team Rocket and legendary Pokémon in Lugia. After winning the fight against Jasmine, Ash heads through Ecruteak City with his comrades to the city of Mahogany. But Team Rocket in Johto is making their second incident by forcing Pokémon to evolve. Then, the heroes managed to paralyze Team Rocket, guided by Lance, the Champion. He goes to Blackthorn City to get the Pryce badge in the town of Mahogany, Ash, Misty, and Brock. Meowth, James, and Jessie make a difficult time in the city and are trying to catch a Dragon Fang.

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The Dragonite has luckily stopped and Ash succeeds in defeating Clair, the final high school leader. Going to the Johto League, Ash collects an egg that has been carried to Mt Silver by his mother and falls into Larvitar’s. Ash, who manages to enlist into the League, fights with Gary, but Harrison, who advises traveling to Hoenn, will defeat him. Following the lengthy voyage, Ash fares Misty and Brock and goes to Hoenn, but disaster ensues as Team Rocket’s magnet hits his Pikachu.

Ash departs with his mother and Professor Oak to Unova, after a new beginning. Once there, Ash meets a new coach, Trip, who becomes his new competitor.

Despite his loss, Ash trains and succeeds to overcome Lenora in the local combat club. Crossing Castelia City (where battles the skilled Ash Burgh), heroes meet new competitors, while Iris meets the city of Georgia, Cilan meets the city of Burgundy and Ash discovers Stephan. Furthermore, they reach the town of Nimbasa, where Iris wins at a local combat event. They will arrive at Nimbasa City once, but they will discover Team Rocket difficulty, for the trio will capture every Poké Ball from the Center.

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