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Take this Fairy Tail quiz to find out which character from Fairy Tail are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Mashima Hiro was born in Nagano Prefecture, North Japan, on the 3rd of May 1977. From 1999 to 2005 His most successful Rave Master series was a popular and long-lasting feature in Weekly Shonen Magazine. Rave Master was also released by TokyoPop and collected in 35 volumes in the United States.

Mashima has also debuted in Monthly Shonen Rival in 2008 with a new series of manga. Orage is a narrative from a CAPCOM video game, Monster Hunter.

Magic is all around the kingdom of Fiore. Sorcerers are like competent merchants who join forces to pay non-magical tasks such as hunting monsters, retrieval of missing articles, or running unusual orders.

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Lucy is an aspiring assistant who wants to get on with Fairy Tail, the coolest guild. She met a red-headed guy one day and, before they knew it, they introduced the wild, zany band of the Fairy Tail magician and began the lifetime adventure. Also, you will find out which Fairy Tail character are you in this quiz.

Which Fairy Tail character are you

Lucy: Lucy is an aspiring heavenly wizard and hence has a ring of magic keys to evocate powerful magical beings. Lucy hopes of joining the famed (and super-cooled) guild of great wizards, Fairy Tail, flirtatious and ambitious.

Natsu: Red-headed magician Natsu is a lucky man who loves to have a fantastic supper and an excellent trip. His fire magic, even between wizards, is unusual. He’s not just fire-resistant, he is eating fire, shooting fire, and flammable super-power. His big fault? He is likely to move nauseous and can hardly drive a car, train, or plane without having nausea in his stomach.

Happy: Breakfast Happy is Natsu’s sidekick and partner, a talking blue kitten. Happy is not powerful, but he has a rare magic called Aera that allows him wings and the ability to fly, momentarily.

Gray Fullbuster: Gray is an ice magician with a perpetual competition with Natsu. Natsu and Gray battle often, while they are fellow members of Fairy Tail Guild. Is Gray an explicit eccentricity? He’s half-naked half the time he’s used to forgetting.

Erza Scarlet: Armored and menacing, Erza is a furious guerrilla who is able to whistle enormous monsters into a courteous submission and to intimidate the wizards of her fellow raucous Fairy Tail.

About the quiz

During their quest, the Immortal Dragon Slayer Zeref, they meet both good and evil, with most of the evil linked to a single entity.

One Guild stands out because of its name: Fairy Tail, its beauty, unity, and fundamental principles. What Fairy Tail character are you?

It’s in this world that we encounter a heavenly magician in search of her celestial gate keys, Lucy Heartfilia. In this way, Lucy is aiming to find the Fairy Tail Guild and hopes that it is admitted into her fellowship.

She meets Natsu Dragneel with his dragon-like skills while continuing her adventure. She then saves her from an attempt by a guy acting as a salamander. she saves her.

Natsu reveals that he is in fact a member of the alliance of Fairy Tale, and he offers her a request for membership she accepts with pleasure. Then, they create an alliance with other members of Fairy Tale such the blinded wizard Erza Scarlet, the Ice Wizard Gray Fullbuster and Natsú’s cat-like compañero Happy. Also, the purpose of the group is to assist those who need it, to overcome criminals or rival gangs, and to address the old Etherius guild, the devilish embodiments of the immortal Dark Wizard Zeref.

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which fairy tail character are you
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