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Take this which Death Note character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

In Shinigami, home of the death god Ryuk, who supposedly dropped his book ‘Death Note’ on Earth because loud boredom led him to visit the planet. The Death Note events begin. A seventeen-year-old genius Light Yagami high school student notices and takes this book through the streets. With the content written in English Light, just a notebook about death and certain regulations for the use of death can be found.

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Initially, Light completely rejects this journal, but five days later he is noticed. And the Death God Shinigami Ryuk appears from none. Ryuk refrains from the possession of the Death Note and explains the rudiments of its Light nature and functioning method;

Which Death Note character are you

In the first usage of the Note of Death Light, a man takes captive in Shinjuku to watch TV. Faithful to Shinigamis statements and his moniker in Death Note. Light is said to have died of a heart attack forty seconds later. This marked the start of the voyage of Light as the international watchdog for the crime community and soon came to light as a result of the Japanese pronunciation of the word Killer, his incognito identity of Kira. Also, you will find out which Death Note character are you in this quiz.

Light searches for every criminal he finds and uses the death note to kill them, secretly and unknown to everyone even his father who is a police officer. After some time, the world’s officials see their criminals’ strange mass killing and assume that somebody should be behind it. The unnamed assassin, known as “Kira,” becomes a significant news topic that brings together two people who support his “good punishment” of criminals and are against it. The police ultimately decided to employ famed investigator L to find out who Kira is exactly.

Kira’s whereabouts go back to Japan and Light’s dad becomes head of the Kira police squad, completely oblivious of the person he is looking for. But although L is wise, he stays sure in his duty to use the death note to remove evil from the earth and create a new world with him as the “god.”

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Even when there are new obstacles, such as Misa, a hyperactive supermodel with a death note as well as a massive Light crush, the Yotsuba company that is also after Kira, Mikami Teru, who believes that Kira is “god,” who wants to serve Kira’s wants, and the SPK, a Near detective agency that follows in L’ s footsteps. But Light’s incredible mind still keeps him one step forward with all of these obstacles that arise. But he seems to lose his own humanity when he gets more enthralled with the Death Note power.

It becomes apparent that the death note controls Light instead of vice versa when it is able to kill any person who may be a threat to its intentions, even if he does not do something wrong. What Death Note character are you?

The story focuses on Light’s efforts to utilize the death note to slaughter people worldwide. Who he considers unworthy of life. Typically these people are crooks.

By killing such people, he is attempting to build a utopian non-criminal society by employing the moniker “Kira” (the German word “Do”) and by translating “Killer” to English.

An elite task squad of law enforcement agents tries to find Kira to end their efforts, however. Until a shut-in detective called “L” joins, it is considered tough for the conventional police force. Because his superior intelligence makes L the major adversary of Kira throughout the manga. The manga becomes a fight of wit, from the point L takes on Kira, when they both try to destruct each other by their own kind of justice.

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which death note character are you
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