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God’s vengeance has been portrayed in a variety of cinematic forms and proportions. Sometimes it’s a perfect storm, and other times it’s Samuel L. Jackson’s Jules raining vengeance down on thee in “Pulp Fiction.” “Hellbound,” an ambitious new Netflix series from “Train to Busan” director Yeon Sang-ho that is based on a webtoon (“The Hellbound”), imagines God’s wrath as three smoky gray, towering Hulk-like beasts that appear out of nowhere and proceed to slam people into cars, walls, or anything else as if they were chewing toys. They splatter a human’s blood all over the place, destroying the environment, before torching the prey to death. We later learn that the first (known) victim received a decree from a floating visage in the sky, who told him exactly when he would die and be sent to hell.

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However, one of the show’s many exciting intellectual ideas is that this highly binge-able series is not about the terror of the monsters, but about what would happen next—how so many people would lose their minds and sense of self, especially if such a literal force of wrath was rationalized as vengeance for our sins.

Which Hellbound Character Are You?

The terror here is people, opportunists, cult leaders, and naive believers who pursue fear to the extent of shaming, hating, and destroying one another in order to gain God’s mercy. Yeon’s series combines this real horror with intelligent talks about how we define sin and what we as humans deserve from a God like this. Also, you must try to play this Which Hellbound Character Are You quiz.

But, before the religious folk places their own meaning onto it, Jin Kyunghun (Yang Ik-June) investigates the opening beatdown as if it were a crime, giving us a first-person look at this phenomenon. He has a tragic past that involves his wife being murdered by someone and then being released from prison only years later.

That becomes a sore subject, which is prodded upon by Jung Jinsu, the stoic chairman of the New Truth religious group, who believes the monsters are attacking sinners. Yoo Ah-in is terrific in this character, offering cryptic words of faith with a deadness in his eyes, making him all the more comforting to his ardent believers, especially when more lethal decrees begin to unfold.

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They believe he is correct when he says the attacks are linked to someone’s major sin. With an extreme group dubbed The Arrowhead, who are whipped up broadcast-after-broadcast by a shrieking man named Dongwook, The New Truth has created its own QAnon-like media following (Kim Do-Yoon). He makes fanciful conclusions about why so-and-so received a decree from a gaming chair and demonstrates how the obsession with fear may lead to witch hunts. Members of the Arrowhead, mostly youths armed with baseball bats, then go hunting.

Jung Jinsu, the New Truth, and the Arrowhead target a number of people, including a lawyer named Min Hyejin (Kim Hyun-Joo), who initially tries to aid a destined lady who receives a decree and agrees to let the New Truth broadcast her death. (It’s a mind-boggling moment that amplifies the craziness of “Hellbound.”) Min Hyejin has a surprising and highly fulfilling character arc, as do many others in this top-tier ensemble—because the series hops in time, it’s impossible to predict where a character will be in the next episode, or if they’ll return.

It becomes clear as you watch “Hellbound” that it is directed by the same person who directed “Train to Busan,” since, like that zombie picture, he now employs humans and the frenzied effect of frightening belief for potent thrills. And the series’ action bursts, which can be as surprising as the script’s narrative developments, immerse you in the mayhem via shaky camera work and extended takes. “Hellbound” ensures that, while the pummeling monsters remain a mystery, the savagery that humans conduct against one another always stings.

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