What Was Your Gender In Your Past Life?

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Take this What Was Your Gender In Your Past Life quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

A group of academic hoaxers recently made headlines for submitting seven illogical papers to peer-reviewed academic journals, including one about rape culture in dog parks. So when I read about a new academic study looking into gender-nonconforming youngsters and past incarnations, I believed for a second that the hoaxers had returned.
Nope. This one is genuine.

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Researchers from the University of Virginia studied 469 children who claimed to have memories of past lives and discovered that “children who remembered a life involving a different natal sex were much more likely to exhibit [gender nonconformity] than children who remembered a same-sex life” using “logistic regression,” a type of statistical analysis. If you follow this to its logical conclusion, I suppose the researchers are arguing that the reason I dress like a captain on a fishing boat is that I was a captain on a fishing boat in a previous life (or, more likely, the one puking off the side of the ship). Also, you must try to play this What Was Your Gender In Your Past Life quiz.

What Was Your Gender In Your Past Life?

The study was published in the International Journal of Sexual Health, and Jim Tucker, one of the paper’s co-authors and a psychologist at the University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies, is one of the world’s finest reincarnations scholars.

Tucker, the author of the book Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives, is said to have amassed the world’s largest collection of past-life accounts, and he has discovered that many people believe they have memories of a life before this one. (All you have to do is go to Burning Man and ask around.) Surprisingly, while many individuals believe they were healers, shamans, monarchs, or leaders in previous lifetimes, nearly no one remembers being a pauper or peasant. That’s not surprising.) Still, there is no factual evidence that past incarnations exist, and unless Tucker and his colleagues can provide evidence that is more than anecdotal, I’m inclined to believe reincarnation is a dream as much as the Garden of Eden.

Gender nonconforming youngsters, while not Jim Tucker’s area of expertise, are unquestionably real. (I was one of them.) As for why some children do not conform to gender norms, it is possible that gender roles are placed on children arbitrarily and without rhyme or reason, and some children just reject this. Some girls desire to play baseball, while others prefer to dance. Having said that, numerous studies have identified a link between childhood gender nonconformity and adult homosexuality.

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The jury is still out on what exactly causes same-sex attraction, although it is most likely due to a combination of biological and environmental variables. Some studies have found that younger brothers are more likely to be gay than first-born brothers, a phenomenon is known as the “fraternal birth order effect,” presumably due to increased levels of certain antibodies in the mother’s immune system with each birth.

Other researchers have proposed that same-sex attraction has a genetic component, while twin studies have shown that genes cannot explain everything. Of course, some gender nonconforming children grow up to be straight, while others grow up to be transgender. In an email, sex researcher Ken Zucker explained that the reasons for gender nonconformity are “a simple issue with a complex solution… but ‘past lives are not one of them.”

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what was your gender in your past life
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