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The film series based on the Fifty Shades of Grey novels depicted in graphic detail the various forms that sadism may take in the bedroom.

But there is a more prevalent, and more banal, sort of sadism lurking in the shadows of many people’s psyche.

Psychologists refer to “the dark triad” in personality as a perfect storm of narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism. People who have a high level of the dark triad traits utilize people callously to their benefit, viewing them as instruments to be exploited in order to accomplish what they want.

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To be sure, in the dark triad constellation, loving the misery of others—the hallmark of sadism—can be a component of the picture. However, personality psychologists are coming to feel that a proclivity for cruelty can explain why one individual would desire to injure another. Also, you must try to play this Are You Sadistic Quiz.

Are You Sadistic Quiz

However, rather than manifesting itself in behavior that results in humiliation, maiming, or death, there is a type of ordinary sadism that manifests itself in a more innocuous, everyday way.

You might even be expressing a subtle sort of sadism without recognizing it.

Perhaps you prefer the exhilaration of annihilating your gaming opponent’s avatars. At a hockey game, you may applaud less for your team to score and more for members of both teams to collide their sticks and bodies against the glass. Your preferred kind of entertainment maybe action movies with battles to the death. In all of these scenarios, you’re savoring commonplace experiences in which the brutality (other than at the hockey game) is vicarious.

Erin Buckels, a psychologist at the University of British Columbia, and her colleagues (2013) chose to test the hypothesis that everyday sadists are willing to cause real, not just vicarious, damage. They also reasoned that those high on this less obvious form of sadism might be more aggressive when provoked than other people. Furthermore, they hypothesized that sadism could provide a distinct prediction of antisocial conduct in addition to the dark triad features.

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To explore ordinary sadism in actual conduct, they needed to devise a laboratory experiment that simulated the type of casual harm-producing behavior that people might engage in on a regular basis. However, converting common sadism into a scientific setting is understandably difficult: you must develop an activity that does not actually harm people but must appear genuine. Buckels and her team focused on bug elimination. They contended that killing a bug would satisfy a sadistic need to damage a living organism through direct physical touch.

To put their idea to the test, scientists gave participants a choice of unpleasant jobs, with killing bugs being one of several unpleasant but non-sadistic possibilities. They opted on these three options (besides bug-killing) as possible “jobs” for participants: assisting others in bug-killing, cleaning dirty toilets, and dipping their hands in a bucket of ice water. (If you’re worried, the bug-killing wasn’t genuine, but it appeared to be, as the bugs were allegedly ground in a machine that crunched them into bits loudly.)

Buckels and her colleagues utilized the Short Sadistic Impulse Scale (SSIS) created by University of College Cork psychologist Aisling O’Meara and her colleagues to identify the daily sadists in the sample (2011). They also administered dark triad surveys in order to distinguish sadism’s influence from the other three traits.

The participants with the highest sadistic scores, as expected, were the most inclined to choose the bug-killing job. They also reported liking the assignment the most after completing it—and, if they had picked a different task, they seemed to regret not taking on the bug-killing duty in the first place.

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