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Take this which Golden Girl are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Miami, 1985 — the beginning point for one of the biggest television series ever. The golden girls went through 180 episodes from that original 35-year-old NBC program for 7 seasons, won many honors, and were televised worldwide, including Golden Globes and Emmys (besides inspiring international versions, including Spain, Russia, and The Philippines). The original premise and its star foursome remain extraordinary, with the focus on four elderly women. Here was a prime-time sitcom.

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The Golden Girls has always been a vibrant antidote to that: seniority reigns supreme here, and its four seasoned ladies live, love, and laugh to the fullest. It is statuesque, acerbic scholar Dorothy Zbornak (Bea Arthur, whose raised-eyebrow expressions merited star credit in their own right); wide-eyed yet sharp-tongued Scandi-American Rose Nylund (Betty White);

Which Golden Girl are you

The wisened, sophisticated Sicilian-Brooklynite mother, Sophia Petrillo, was flirting Southern peach of the white Devereaux and the wisened Dorothy (Estelle Getty, who was, in reality, a year younger than her screen daughter). The fact that Arthur, McClanahan, and Getty are no longer with us in some sense reinforces the chemistry of this friendship on-screen. White, now at the age of 98, has continued to be brilliant and to speak in Toy Story 4. Also, you will find out which Golden Girl are you in this quiz.

Picture it: Picture it: Innsbruck, 85. Blanche Devereaux, Rose Nylund, Sophia Petrillo, and Dorothy Zbornak will appear in the premiere episode of The Golden Girls. More than 25 million people visited the show, making it the highest-ranking program, and the top 10 sitcoms in the week. In seven seasons it has won 68 nominations for Emmy, 11, and is one of only 4 television shows in the history of Emmy’s main actors. Despite Hollywood’s fascination for young people. Thirty years after his premiere the Golden Girls are still admired by viewers.

Susan Harris told the creator of Out Magazine in an interview, “We liked to tackle — not unpleasant problems — but essential problems. Things I know people did not go through on television.” I knew. He was a freak to show politics, had worked before on Norman Lear’s pioneering “Everything in the Family,” and had written a historical episode of abortion for Maude, who won her the Humanitas Prize – a film/television prize that promotes dignity, meaning and liberty. It’s, therefore, no surprise that Harris every week introduced this practice into The Golden Girls’ writers’ room.

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The Golden Girls are also one of the final locations, in which progressive values were an integral part of the DNA. Apart from the fact that the program is incredibly well written and well-decorated.

The Golden Girls steal the hearts of America and keep it warm, as a host of girls laugh.

Naturally, the show also had a cast all-star. The lovable ditzy Rose Nylund was played by Betty White, the southern belled and man-eater Rue McClanahan by the Blanche Devereaux, the sensitive and acerbic Dorothy Zbornak by Bea Arthur, and Estelle Getty stole the show as Sophia Petrillo, her wise Sicilian mama. All of the women received Emmy awards during their time on the highly acclaimed sitcom, which is kind of a big event.

Moreover, the jokes don’t look ancient. At 25-26 episodes a season, character shenanigans, clever one-liners, 80s modes, and a host of discussions that are still the subject of today’s dinner table will certainly not lack. This is the whole time schedule explained by Golden Girls. What Golden Girl Are you?

As revealed in season 1, Episode 25, when she encountered Rose. Who went to the groceries and looked bewildered as the Southern Belle pinned up ads, Blanche. A widow, who all lived alone at her Miami home— was putting up a “room friend wanted” sign. Later in the episode, Dorothy arrives and makes her home after she sees the ad herself. Mother Dorothy Sophia joined the trio later after the burns down of her infant house, Shady Pines. And history is the rest, as they say!

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