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Take this Which Danganronpa character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Danganronpa 3: End of Hope’s Peak Academy is familiar with the original Danganronpa and 2 video games Danganronpa (the latter of which was never animated).

This review will therefore also take into consideration the franchise. The uninformed will have a hard time watching any Danganronpa 3 arc and even if they saw the previous Danganronpa anime and the Despair Arc in particular focuses heavily on Danganronpa 2’s cast.

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Despair Arc starts at the Hope’s Peak Academy sometime in the midst of the first year of class 77.

This arc slowly begins and the early episodes are mainly hijinks that can only happen to the very brilliant at such a strange school. Despair feels strangely limited by events that have to keep up with the background of the games and to fill gaps with Future Arc.

Which Danganronpa character are you

Although the first episode looks like the story Despair, the other schoolmates don’t look the same and many of them have nothing in the way of character development. While the first focus is on Class 77. Sometimes they nearly completely vanish from an episode. The Twilight Murder Syndrome narrative, one of the most painful occurrences in their secondary school years not directly related to the main plot, is constructed in one episode following the POV of a character who was not even involved and is wrapped in a camera. Also, you will find out which Danganronpa character are you in this quiz.

Once you have played the game, you know this is a spoiler’s field and I’m going to try to navigate the tale around, but I’m going to all the spoilers. Having stated that, I will not criticize the game and I will focus exclusively on animation. Also, you must try to play this quiz.

So, Danganronpa: the entertainment is based on the same name video game. It’s like Phoenix Wright’s murder mystery game. The main character is one of many school pupils who have arrived at Hope’s Peak Academy, a renowned school.

Makoto leaves and wakes up in an empty classroom when he enters the school. As he was lured by a brochure in the main room, he met the colleagues at the school he currently belongs to. And there’s a cast, my goodness. If you couldn’t tell, I love them all.

About the quiz

The children are essentially locked within the school for the remainder of their lives – unless one pupil is killed.

So, certainly, the game is founded on research and testing, with evidence gathered, students discussing more information, and arguing contradictions. Now, in the video game all that’s nice and dandy, but do the animations work? Unfortunately, it isn’t. The game story was rather bizarre, yet, it nicely fits into the dynamics of gameplay. But it does not almost go as smoothly in animation. What Danganronpa character are you?

Well before the Danganronpa series of Spike Chunsoft came to the west, I only knew it in name and in theory, but not in actuality. At various gatherings, I would witness the cosplays of its characters, frenzied blonde pigtails peaking from a crowd, complex and original costumes that hardly even seemed to have come from the same series. It always fascinated me too, a Japanese detective game in the form of visual novels creating relationships. A-frame like no other gaming franchise is present in the Danganronpa series.

Danganronpa is technically a visual novel series, which means that there is a lot of helluva reading. The game is also about creating friends and bonding in a dizzy situation with your buddies.

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which danganronpa character are you
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