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Take this which Arcana character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

For both iOS and Android, Arcana is a visual novel. This is the highlight of the mobile gaming firm Nix Hydra, formed by female gaming, whose initial title was an Egg Baby virtual pet. Arcana’s magnificent, colorful graphics and evocative writing is great visual news and a mobile game to watch for, and developed by a writer-artist collaboration of two individuals after a Kickstarter won $42.000 of $30.000.

You are a mighty magician with a particular skill to read the future through tarot cards. In summary, you come across many characters who are most clearly defined as prospective love interests and half of whom are faintly warning you of the other half.

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Among the characters there is Asra, your enigmatic teacher; Nadia, the harsh and decisive countess; Portia, the kind and trustworthy servant of Nadia’s; Julian on the run for Nadia’s husband’s assassination; Lucio, the husband of Nadia, dead (kind of); and most intriguing of all a gigantic Hulk, accompanied by the rattling chain of the sound.

Which Arcana character are you

Each person has their own voice, which doesn’t cling easily to any visual novel. Asra is sly and teasing behind the mystery with a sense of pain, while Nadia’s quite formal and well educated. Also, you will find out which Arcana character are you in this quiz.

Morga attacks the Devil and its physical shape comes out to be in his domain, not in the ritual room. Asra and MC are going to his domain where they beat him. A month later, Asra and MC go back to the Palace following an expedition. We spoke to Portia, Julian, Aisha, and Salim, where everyone works to improve the town and tease each other. Aisha scolds Asra jokingly, revealing that his surname is Alcazar. The finish.

MC spends a lot of healthy time with Asra there. Cooking, pillow fighting, etc. but strange but tiny things continue to happen, as MC forgets the name of Nopal and the oasis of pools that gradually evaporate. They hear strange sounds after an uncertain amount of time from a pool, and they see Aisha, Salim, and Muriel speaking when they get there. Salim certainly says they aren’t sure, but finally, Muriel says no they have gone. Aisha said they would not abandon us.

About the quiz

You met Asra during a masquerade nine years before the beginning of the game. When they met, he gave fortunes and sold masks behind the shop. The two watched Nadia’s wagon as she arrived in Vesuvia immediately afterward. Following this encounter, both hinted that he had started a love connection, however, Asra subsequently told the amnesiac apprentice that he was not able to often act upon his feelings. What Arcana character are you?

It is revealed in all three routes during Book XIII: Death, mostly on Asra’s path, was argued about whether the apprentice and Asra had to remain at Vesuvia, when the Red Plague started to attack, or go away three days before the beginning of the game and let the plague go it’s the way. In the end, the trainee wished to remain with the folks, but Asra went away just as he was willing.

Following his departure from Asra, the Apprentice sought a solution to aid and heal the plague. They were finally taken to his clinic as an apprentice by Julian.

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which arcana character are you
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