Crackhead Energy Quiz – Are You A Crackhead?

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by Samantha Stratton

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Take this Crackhead Energy quiz to find out are you a crackhead. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

A crackhead is very useful.
Many crackheads rob and steal in order to obtain drug money. There are also a lot of people who have jobs.

They utilize that money to support their crack addiction while also keeping a roof over their heads. Not every crackhead desires to get high at a crack house.

My mother even let a crackhead babysit us on occasion. As a child, she lived next door to me. This brings me to my next encounter.

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I was babysat by the crackhead next door.

I squirted a syringe full of heroin when I was four years old. I mistook it for a water pistol. The crackhead was furious. My mother offered to pay for the stolen drugs, but the junkie refused.

I honestly don’t remember what happened next.

Crack is God in the world of a crackhead.

Crackhead Energy quiz

Crackheads sell their children in order to obtain crack money. When money is tight, male and female crackheads will suck dick to get crack. Also, you must try to play this Crackhead Energy Quiz.

Once a person has sold their soul to the crack demon, no crime is too big or too small.

The drug economy is renowned.

When referring to anything overpriced, it’s common to hear someone in the hood mention “crack costs.”

When an object is in the “crack price” category, it is priced low in order to hasten the sale.

At the age of five, I was introduced to the concept of crack prices.

My father once parked his car outside and went to the trouble of installing his Club anti-theft gadget. I inquired as to why he had turned on The Club. “So some crackhead doesn’t take my car and sell it for $5,” he said.

That perplexed me.

While 5-year-old me had no idea how much vehicles cost, I knew they were significantly more than $5. It all made sense after I realized that the rock is the most essential thing to a crackhead.

I’ve witnessed or been a victim of this type of crackhead conduct a few times since then.

I’ve seen crackheads smash car windows for stray change in the seats while ignoring anything else of value.

About the quiz

A crackhead once broke into my apartment and stole only a jar of coins and a cable box. The crackhead has exceedingly poor vision.

It’s merely considering the quickest approach to obtain just enough money to get high again.

The most serious issue with illegal narcotics is violence between sellers, not between purchasers.

They make a big fuss about drug violence and why we need all of this anti-drug legislation. My point of view is distinct.

I have no vested interest in the outcome, yet I grew up in the midst of the drug war. Here’s what I’ve noticed.

I’ve never seen two crackheads fight one another.

I’ve seen them fight other non-crackheads, but they don’t really fight each other. The crack dealer next door, on the other hand, is one of the reasons there were gunshot holes in my door.

On a broader level, the majority of hood violence is drug-related.

It’s all about deciding who sells what, where, and for how much. Muggings on the street aren’t as common as shooting fights on street corners.

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crackhead energy quiz
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