What Christmas Movie Character Are You?

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Take this What Christmas Movie Character Are You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

The holiday season has here, which means it’s time to set aside our disagreements for the sake of world peace, goodwill toward others, and so on, and relax with a terrific Christmas movie, a filmmaking tradition that dates back to the 1898 film Santa Claus. In one, Santa slips down a chimney, stuffs several stockings, and then vanishes into thin air; the entire clip lasts just over a minute.

No one would argue that that early effort was anything other than a Christmas movie, but the question is routinely raised these days: What exactly is a Christmas movie? Is simply being set at Christmastime sufficient? Is there any enigmatic factor that distinguishes a Christmas film? It’s the age-old “Does Die Hard Count?” argument.

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So, does it? Taking a broad definition of what constitutes a Christmas movie, this list of the finest Christmas movies ever made contends that, yes, it does, very much so. Not just because it takes place during the Christmas season. Die Hard, the narrative of a man attempting to mend his life, seek redemption, and keep his family together, touches on some essential Christmas-movie themes. When putting up the list, we looked to these elements more than glittering lights and gift-giving elves. Also, you must try to play this What Christmas Movie Character Are You quiz.

What Christmas Movie Character Are You?

What else is there? What other film could possibly top a list of the best Christmas movies of all time? Jimmy Stewart plays George Bailey, the unwitting savior of Bedford Falls, a man whose decency and generosity have affected more people than he realizes. In fact, as a dreary Christmas approaches, he has no idea and is about to commit suicide – until an angel named Clarence (Henry Travers) appears to show him the wrong of his ways.

It takes time for a film to become a Christmas classic, and while Sean Baker’s Tangerine, a picture that follows the Christmas spirit into some unexpected corners, may not wind up being screened in continual rotation with A Christmas Story and Home Alone, let’s stake an early claim for it. Kitana Kiki Rodriguez and Mya Taylor co-star as Sin-Dee and Alexandra, two transgender sex workers living on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Sin-Dee, who was released from jail on Christmas Eve, is irritated when she discovers that her pimp/lover Chester (James Ransone) is cheating on her while Alexandra is preparing for musical performance. As the day fades tonight in the final hours before Christmas, chaos reigns.

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What makes an excellent adaptation of A Christmas Carol? Above all, it is the actor who portrays Ebenezer Scrooge. There have been many memorable cinematic Scrooges (see the list above), but few as memorable as Alastair Sim. He’s not only terrifyingly credible as a pitiless miser in the film’s early sequences, but also heartbreakingly moving as a changed man in the film’s final scenes. Not that Sim isn’t helped by director Brian Desmond Hurst, who keeps the action moving while encircling his hero with lushly imagined Victorian trappings and an able supporting ensemble. But the picture is built on Sim, and it’s easy to see why he hasn’t been surpassed as the ultimate Scrooge.

There are many fantastic romance movies set at Christmas, but The Shop Around the Corner still reigns supreme. Maybe it’s the appealing premise: a couple of feuding coworkers fall in love with one other through anonymous letters. (If that seems similar, it’s because Nora Ephron based You’ve Got Mail on the same source material – the Miklós László play Parfumerie.)

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what christmas movie character are you
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