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Clash of Clans is a massively popular game that is accessible for both iOS and Android and has taken over the mobile world. I instance, how many applications actually have TV advertising (especially big-budget ones)? You’ve most likely seen the one with the guy yelling “Hog Rider.” If you’re thinking about diving into the strategic realm of Clash of Clans, here’s what you should know!

Clash of Clans is what kind of game is it?
Supercell’s Clash of Clans is a massively multiplayer online strategy game. It’s sometimes referred to as a “freemium” game because it’s completely free to play but you can (and occasionally must) pay for in-game things such as gems and resources.

Gold, elixir, and Dark Elixir are the primary resources obtained through attacking other clans. Gold is used to upgrade the buildings in your community. Troops are trained using Elixir and Dark Elixir. In the barracks, Elixir is utilized, and Dark Elixir is used in the dark barracks. Different types of troops are trained in different types of barracks.

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Where does the ‘MMORPG’ aspect come into play?
Clans are groups of players who band together to help each other by providing reinforcements or advice. As a result, you and your clan are free to assault other people’s villages. These additional communities are also managed by actual groups of players. Also, you must try to play this What Clash Of Clans Character Are You quiz.

What Clash Of Clans Character Are You?

Gems, the game’s most valuable resource, allow you to upgrade items more rapidly, freeing up your builders to work on other projects. They can also be utilized to upgrade your heroes and improve other buildings such as barracks and resource production facilities.

Clan feuds
Each clan has a leader and a co-leader, and only one of them has the authority to start a war. When you go to war, each clan receives one day of preparation and one day of combat. Once the combat begins, players are rewarded with stars based on the amount of destruction they produce.

Each player receives two attacks per war, and the team with the most stars at the conclusion of the war day wins. When both teams have the same amount of stars, the team with the highest destruction percentage wins.

You gain more treasure if you use your attack during the war, and Supercell decides what type of lute you obtain. There are various levels of bonus loot. If you win, you receive all of the available bonus loot; if you lose, you receive one-third of the available bonus treasure.

Friendly Challenges allow players from the same clan to challenge each other, but no loot or trophies are rewarded, and these engagements have no effect on your armies.

The main focus of this game, and thus the section we will begin with, is assault. You steal resources from any resource structures you demolish when you attack an enemy base. This is the primary means of progressing in the game. Those structures, however, will be defended by enemy towers and traps! To launch a successful attack, you must employ your men effectively against the enemy’s defenses.

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Before we get into how to perform a good attack, it is critical that you take your time utilizing the “next” button to pick a base with a good payout and low enough defenses for you to confidently clear it.

Types of armies:

  • Tanks have a high hitpoint count but a slow damage output. You’ll want these players up front absorbing hits for the rest of the team. Enemy towers are foolish, and they will target the first thing that comes into range, then continue to hit it until it dies or they die. Following that, they aim for the nearest. Tanks are troops that are built to withstand hostile tower bullets and to position themselves to be the first to be hit by enemy towers.
  • Brawlers have a middling number of hitpoints, a limited range, and a strong damage output. You should deploy this midway through the attack so that they can burst through the opposing base’s tough central core and mop up straggler towers afterward. They can sustain a few hits, but they will quickly outpace your tanks once deployed, so don’t deploy them too early or they won’t make it to the core.
  • Nukers have very few hit points yet deal a lot of damage. These must-have a tank in front of them at all times, as they will perish rapidly if they are targeted. They are, however, required to deliver enough damage to destroy the opponent base in time to win. Position them behind your tank line as soon as the tanks are in place.

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