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Take this Vertigo movie quiz to find out which character from Vertigo you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

As Detective Scottie Ferguson pursues a suspect around the rooftops of San Francisco, he slips away and slips from the edge of a large building. In an attempt to rescue Scottie a colleague comes to his death, as he looks in horror. Scottie and Midge discuss his career aspirations in his former fiancée’s apartment in the light of his recently acquired acrophobia that forced him to stop the cops. The academic Gavin Elster, who had heard of the crash of Scottie, wanted to hire her and follow his wife, Madeleine. Elster believes her grandma Carlotta Valdes has the spirit of hiring her.

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Scottie later learned from Elster that at the age of 27 – Madeleine’s present age — Carlotta committed suicide, and he feared that Madeleine too would have suicidal patterns. She is suspicious initially, but begins her journeying about San Francisco following the gorgeous and enigmatic Madeleine, finally at the McKittrick Hotel where he learns Madeleine is spending time under the name of Carlotta Valdes. Scottie and Midge learn from bookshop owners and the local historian, Pop Leibel, the story of Carlotta Valdes and their estate in San Francisco and subsequently discover that the Hotel McKittrick is indeed the former house of Carlotta.

Vertigo movie quiz

The next day Scottie trails Madeleine, this time under the Golden Gate Bridge, and witnesses her jump into San Francisco Bay. Scottie plunges Madeleine into rescue and rescues her unconscious and drives her to her own flat to put her to sleep. She claimed to remember nothing of her suicide attempt when Madeleine wakes up, so Scottie told her she seemed to slip. They start to fall in love as they converse. However, Madeleine slips the door out when Scottie leaves her to reply to her phone. Also, you will find out which Vertigo character are you in this quiz.

They decide to spend the day walking together, going to the Big Basin big sequoia forest, where Madeleine makes cryptic allusions to her property and her odd death visions. In her dreams, she depicts a space that is similar to Spain, which Scottie later recognizes as the San Juan Bautista mission.

A man is in love with a woman who doesn’t exist. Now a real woman who impersonated her is crying out angrily. But it’s so much more than that. He’s been in love with a genuine woman. She misled herself when she tricked him. And the man lost both by favoring his dream over the woman who stood before him.

Then behind all the others, there is a different level. Alfred Hitchcock, especially in women’s terms, was renowned as the most controlled of directors. The feminine figures in his films repeatedly exhibited the same qualities: blond. They were remote and frigid. In costumes, which mixed subtle mode with fetishism, they were detained. The men who often suffered physical or psychological disabilities were fascinated. Each Hitchcock’s wife was humiliated sooner or later.

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“Vertigo” (2006), one of Hitchcock’s two or three best pictures, is the most faithful, directly dealing with the subject of his work. It’s about how Hitchcock used women, feared them, and tried them.

Detective John “Scottie” observes Ferguson fall to death during a rooftop chase. The shock caused by this tragedy prompts Scottie to withdraw from the police force to be unacceptable in heights. He’s a mess—he can’t go up a stair flight without getting terrified or dizzy, walking on his cane and wearing a back strap.

He has time to hang out with his ex-GF Midge early retirement, who is attempting to help him to rehabilitate. However, his retirement is short of an unexpected request from an old classmate. The wife of Gavin Elster, Madeleine, looks odd. For full days, she was disappearing and fell into trance-like states. Elster feels she’s owned by someone’s ghost — someone whose name turns out to be Carlotta Valdes Madeleine’s grandmother. Also, you must try to play this Vertigo movie quiz.

Scottie’s initially skeptical, but he agrees unwillingly to follow her. This is a Hollywood melodrama and it turns out that Madeleine is the amazing Kim Novak who quickly captivates Scottie. He has strange things that she does, like looking at Carlotta Valdes for hours on end or renting a hotel room to just sit down and have space, just to disappear. When she snaps into San Franco Bay in a suicide effort that she says she doesn’t recall, he saves Madeleine.

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