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Take this A Space Odyssey quiz to find out which character from A Space Odyssey you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

There was a scarcity of food for the managers of the world that had been gathering berries and nuts. One day a massive monolith emerged on earth and many began to test and develop their thoughts. Moon-Watcher, the only man-ape that walked totally straight, was of those in whose interest the monolith came. During the night, several man-apes were trained and innovated during the day. Moon-Watcher discovered weapons for killing animals for food – the hunger problem of man-Apes has been resolved. Time went through, and man-ape grew.

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He grew up in his brain, invented language, and organized into civilizations, invented weapons—the first knives, then weapons, and then nuclear weapons. The innovations had been fundamental to the dominance of men on earth, but “he was living on borrowed time as long as they existed.”

A Space Odyssey quiz

After visiting the president, Dr. Heywood Floyd, eager to start on another space mission, arrived at the Florida launch site. He did not provide any statement to the press and did not reveal the details of the mission to the crew who so dutifully served him on board or to his Russian comrade, a stop on his voyage to the Moon in the US-U.S.S.R. Joint Space Station. When Floyd arrives he will be welcomed and hurried to a meeting by the chief official of the Moon colony. A major scientist reveals that Tycho, one of the craters of the Moon, has experienced a magnetic disruption.

An investigation of the area indicated that Tycho Magnetic Anomaly-One was a massive, dark dome (TMA-1). This is the first definite confirmation that extra-terrestrial, intelligent life exists. Floyd and a team of researchers are driving the Moon to see TMA-1. If they discover for the first time that gigantic black plate and sunlight touches it, it sends out to the remote reaches of the universe a piercing and powerful wave signal.

Fifty years ago this spring, the confusing science-fi classic of Stanley Kubrick, “2001: A Space Odyssey,” premiered nationwide. The annals from the restlessness of the audience rival that night, in 1913, when in jackets and tails Parisians reputedly struck their canes in the first night of Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring.” A sixth audience, comprising several M-G-M leaders, has been held in New York City for the premiere. There were plenty that stayed all over. Kubrick anxiously shuttled the sound and concentration between his front seat and the projection booth. Also, you must try to play this A Space Odyssey quiz. Kubrick’s associate, Arthur C. Clarke, was in interference in the crying.

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“2001” is about a century and two minutes that Kubrick made following those catastrophic premiers and was down from one-hundred-sixty-one minutes. Furthermore, the pace of the movie is almost taunting. “2001” is not long because it is full of storytelling; it is a long time because Kubrick has dispersed as sparsely as possible his few narrative jolts. Also, in the Times, Renata Adler described the film as “between being enormously boring and fascinating.”

Heywood Floyd flights to a space station for a layout on its way to the moon for four million years to return. He doesn’t have the freedom to discuss the issue, Dr. Floyd argues. Also, you will find out which A Space Odyssey character are you in this quiz.

At Clavius base, Floyd would like to express his grateful thanks to the local scientists for their collaboration with them in covering up stories. It turns out to be a black monolith similar to what we observed in Africa, Floyd goes to witness the finding himself. Well, in Africa, the apes have seen. When the sun touches the monolith, an ear-splitting signal is emitted.

We’ll pick up the story on Discovery One a spaceship linked with Jupiter eighteen months later. Then, Drs. Dave Bowman and Frank Poole and three other wintering cryosleep astronauts are on board. The spacecraft is operated by an artificial intelligence HAL 9000 computer that was at least a part of the marketing pitch. They call him “HAL.” They call him. He has a quiet and measured “voice” comforting, yet a touch crazy when you ask us.

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