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Take this Mad Max quiz to find out which character from Mad Max you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

A solitary walker — Mad Max — takes his car off by a war festival. He isn’t too happy about anything. In the citadel, a brutal society governed by dictator Immortan Joe, he is found prisoner. While Max is in prison, Emperor Furiosa starts a war party with the aim of collecting gas and bullets from Gas Town and the Bullet Farm, on the orders of Immortan Joe.

Furiosa challenges them, and takes the war party away, into hostile territory, only instead of following orders. She is running for it—and she’s taking with her the five wives of Immortan Joe and her “prize breeders.” She’s chasing deliverance—and after liberty.

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When Immortan Joe discovers the treason of Furiosa, he dispatches a war party of War Boys and their riots. When Max is obliged to go to follow Nux, the War Boy for whom he does a blood transfusion, he gets swept into combat. While Furiosa is unable to get back to the war party, Max succeeds in freeing himself and attempts to steal from her and her wives Furiosa’s truck—War Rig. However, Furiosa has a kill switch set up, so that she and her wives come together – whether Max likes it or not.

Mad Max quiz

However, 1985 was the last time we saw Max Rockatansky. Mel Gibson was then young, lovely, and not a pariah at all. He faced a nemesis like Tina Turner and fought in the Thunderdome for his life. He thought that he had come to the logical end of his story.

MOST OF THE time that franchise “reboot” felt like a studio gave up trying and caught up with the closest ideal alternative. It’s known to people. You’re probably going to pay to watch it because it feels familiar. There are a hundred million dollars here! But with Mad Max: Fury Road, George Miller waked up a sleepy behemoth to deliver us everything from an upset in 2015 we didn’t know we needed. That’s right: the author and the writer of all three Max pictures return into the new millennium to be the shepherd of his hero. Which Mad Max character are you?

This implies that you don’t have to catch up if you haven’t seen the film’s trio—or perhaps just saw them in thirty years. We are here for you. We are here for you. Check out Verdi’s Requiem, Dies Irae, and prepare for Max’s crash course. Here are all the answers you need before the Fury Road flashes. Also, you must try to play this Mad Max quiz.

Max, Furiosa, and the women are making their escape from the Gas Town’s Bullet Farmer and People’s Eater, now chasing the war party of Immortan Joe. They are chased into the canyon, which is followed by a fierce chase. Angharad, the de facto head of the women, lost her life throughout the chaos. Furiosa and women are devastated, same as Nux. They made his way back to War Rig, but he knows no chance to get back to Immortan Joe.

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In 1979, the original Mad Max opens with the title, “Some years later.” The first cinematic event is most likely to take place in 1985, in the middle of the 1980s, and a piece of graffiti on a road sign in one scene in December 1984. Fuel shortages are triggering a global financial crash with several governments declaring martial law in order.

During Mad Max, one of these road bands cruelly kills the young officer’s wife and child. Sent them on a revenge mission; he pursues and kills each member in his intercepter. At the end of the movie, it is apparent that the planet is in raw shape, but there is still an appearance of order. At a minimum, between the countryside and what resides in society, there remains an obvious separation.

Around three years from the end of Mad Max, the Road Warrior takes place in the late 1980s. That’s when the retcons of Miller begin to become a little tricky. The Road Warrior predates a worldwide nuclear war in the original timeline and this rubbish, as depicted in the picture, is only the product of another collapse and society collapse and not after the nuclear winter. However, this has been revised in The Mad Max: Fury Route prequel, and between the first and second films, there is the nuclear war.

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