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Take this Undine quiz to find out which character from Undine you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

The current German master Christian Petzold, director of “Phoenix” and “Transit” interwoven history, mythology, romance, and even architectural theory with others. This is the story that plays on Andine, a water nymph who becomes human by the love of a mortal man but who is obliged to return to the water if he is disloyal. The author/director takes the stars in his latest picture. With his immaculate workmanship, Petzold maintains his mystery afloat (sorry), while this is a tale that sometimes feels like a mystical and less direct approach. After all, the whimsical rewriting of this movie by Jean-Pierre Jeunet leads one to question what could have emerged under the supervision of a less restricted filmmaker. The two leading paths have become more burning chemistry.

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There’s a man named Johannes and a woman named Undine (Paula Beer) sitting at a café. Somebody else has met him. After she wiped her face with a tear, she told him he had no way – he couldn’t leave her. She will have to kill him if he refuses. The first hint that things are not exactly what they look like is the unexpectedly well-taken threat.

Undine quiz

In especially following the fall of the Berlin Wall, which approaches its 30th anniversary, she gathers a lecture on Urban Development in Berlin and says to Johannes that he’ll be back. He isn’t. He isn’t. Also, you must try to play this Undine quiz.

Undine met a diver called Christoph (Beer’s “Transit” co-star Franz Rogowski). She swinks her feet in a very unexpected, wet fashion, even before she can even find the time to cry. Johannes had deceived her. Like Johannes, Christoph might not be less. He is so cute, sensitive, and dedicated that he is stuck, everything idealized in a gushy half-hour cruise. Christoph worked on a lake near Wuppertal, Germany, where a gigantic catfish meets face to face. A positive sign that the submarine monsters may not easily fear him.

Also, Christoph remembers that Undine’s name was stenciled under a surface on one of the historic arches, and he took her there for a date. According to the undine legend (or press notes of the film), “If she returns after marriage to her element she has to go back.” Undine is breaching the rules, however, and Christoph appears to be a loophole. Or maybe she’s an exception, for Patzold’s power and resourcefulness tend to define his heroines, not by their relationship with men.

Better to wash your romance. Furthermore, try the way to reverence the intelligence of Christoph. He interrupts their lovemaking at one point to praise their mind and insists on trying out her most recent remarks. He sincerely tells her, “You tell such intelligent and wonderful things.”

However, it also has difficulty providing insight into what his Heroin is saying if it implies giving contemporary meaning to the idea of the Undefined by allowing events to occur from her perspective.

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Beer is realistic as a lady who might be a monster out of the fable but also needs to shoot all-nighters because the employer gave her an enormous job right now that she would like to focus on the new man in her life. The film trembles right on the allegory’s brink, yet Undine never reveals its very liminal nature. While sequences tend towards the magical, Undine is always seen from the outside, from a different perspective than her.

Without this, Undine would be a woman who gets her heartbroken with the philandering man she loves, jumps into a new relationship immediately with someone who is completely deeply moved with it, and wonders about her ex if she believes that the universe is punishing her for failing to go ahead with perfect purity. But the mystery features of the film, for all its flaws, make it so difficult to shake from. Undine, whether she is a water sprite or a woman who has internalized some extremely excessive views of the relationship between men, is strange and often unusual.

She plunges herself into an instantaneously committed Christoph, a sticky sweet affair that delivers everything she could desire, but still looking behind when she passes along the street Johannes and his new girlfriend. She challenges the purity of her own heart. Her own incapacity to live up to the epic notion of love as she perceives it. But if in the water it is simpler, the segments of the underwater video are turquoise and unbeautiful, too. The above human world is warm and lively for all its disarray.

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