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Take this There Will Be Blood quiz to find out which character from There Will Be Blood you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

In NM, 1898, we start. It is about to finish the domination of steam power. The future is oil. Prospecting the gold and the silver is very, very hard work in this period with the opportunity for a very, very unlikely payoff. Daniel Plainview is one of the youthful prospectors who work for a chance to get rich in the wilderness. He finds traces of rare minerals, but in a dynamite accident he damages his leg and he goes to the surface painfully. He dragged himself practically into the city, and received the documents to confirm his claim.

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Plainview discovered oil four years afterward and quickly changed direction, setting up a very tiny boiling operation. However, a worker is killed by faulty equipment and the man’s child is orphaned not long after construction is started. Daniel takes the youngster as his own son: H.W. Plainview, which becomes also his business partner so that when he calls upon potential investors Daniel is able to assert his family status.

There Will Be Blood quiz

By 1911, when Daniel tries to obtain drilling rights from several townsmen, H.W. is following his father. One night, the promise of a massive reserve of oil under his family’s land was a young guy named Paul Sunday. Daniel pays Paul and finds that the deposit is located in Little Boston, California on a Sunday family property. Also, you must try to play this There Will Be Blood quiz.

When it opened in 2007, I saw Will Be Blood, and it’s a film I still believe about every few weeks. It has become one of my most popular films and I believe the film plot has one of Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis). He is the ideal distillation of capitalism of the 20th century and its brute transactional world view combined with insatiable covetousness. His son, Hw Plainview (Dillon Freasiers), is his one line back to mankind, and he eventually cuts it so that he has just one actual connection: arch-nemesis, fake Eli Sunday preacher (Paul Dano).

The climate confrontation between the two is amazing at the Daniel bowling alley. The setting for the scene is that Eli, theoretically now part of the family Daniel, has come to ask Daniel for money since his sister Mary has married HW. Eli believes that oil is below the land of Bandy, and because Daniel has never built an oil derrick, he can sell it. But only if Eli confesses that he is a fake prophet and that God is a superstition. Daniel claims his approval. Eli, who has preached to his flock that he is a fake prophet and that God is a superstition, desperate for money, is able to communicate with the Holy Ghost.

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The oil was emptied from the pipeline he built, Daniel then reveals. “Your dairy shake, I drink!” Daniel shouts, then throws Eli over the room and cries, “I am the third revelation!” “We are brothers,” Eli screams frighteningly back, but it’s too late. Daniel beats Eli down and tells his butler “I’m finished!” to his own death with a bowling pin. Which There Will Be Blood character are you?

The oil man’s speech sounds like oil, gray, and sip. It is profound and reassuring, totally confident and curiously scamming. Nobody can be more than a liar, who sounds that directly. His name is Daniel Plainview, and as a private joke, he must have given his name, for little he does as it sounds. In the cruel, moving epic of Paul Thomas Anderson, “There Will Be Blood“. Then, he begins with a pick and a shovel to grab silver from the earth and concludes by extracts innumerable barrels of oil that he retains for himself. Also, Daniel Day-Lewis makes him a big monster that hates all mankind, even himself.

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