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Take this The Queen Of Black Magic quiz to find out which character from The Queen Of Black Magic you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Some are becoming accustomed to the troubled tone and creepy pace of the Indonesian horror film “The Queen of Black Magic.” First, there are more supportive characters and background information on this adaptation of the 81er chiller of the same name than one may expect from a movie related to this mood. The Queen of Black Magic also has the kind of brutal violence which is more about bruising than emotive thrills (I hope you like millipedes and other creepy crawlies).

Fortunately, the film’s history of whodunit is compelling enough to keep things happening: an adult orphan group reckons that there are decades-old traumas involving the patriarch of their orphanage, Mr. Bandi (Yayu A.W. Unruh) and that young Murni (Putri Ayudya) and their guardian Ms. Mirah mysteriously disappear (Ruth Marini). But the film’s storytelling is also of uneven quality, which saves “The Queen of the Black Magic” from becoming a terrible groove. Also, you must try to play this The Queen Of Black Magic quiz.

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Don’t get me wrong, “The Queen of Black Magic” is more like it than it’s to scent. This adaptation, written by Joko Anwar (“Impetigore”) and directed by Kimo Stamboel (“Headshot”), includes sufficient time and position-specific detail to improve its flashback, particularly during the initial scenes of the table.

The Queen Of Black Magic quiz

Anwar spends little time presenting a large group of (surrogate) characters with the main focus on three alien orphans: Anton (Tanta Ginting), Hanif (Ario Bayu), and Jefri. Are they now grown up? (Miller Khan).

Throughout the year 2020, prominent streaming services such as Netflix and Shudder were rapidly hosting international horror movies. It particularly disregarded standard tropics and themes of the subgenre and gave insights into Indonesia’s folk stories and mythology. Impetigo was recently nominated for Oscar, which is more than worth winning for the best foreign-language film. The Queen Of Black Magic is another excellent addition to Anwar’s repertory with a creative and original filmmaker who draws from his own culture with such an eye to detail and purpose. Kimo Stamboel also has several horror films, like DreadOut and Macabre. Both of them teamed together to create this mysterious mystery of terrible terror that holds the attention of their audience from beginning to end.

Traditionally the remakes are similar in some way to the original movie plot, but with the Queen Of Black Magic, this is not necessarily the case. It preserves the same fundamental features in the film in 1981 but changes characters, settings, viewpoints, and the storyline. It’s a little bit like what the horror author Stephen King wanted to do with his modification of The Haunting Of Hill House by Shirley Jackson, who eventually became Rose Red. But everything else has been adjusted to fit a coherent and fascinating plot. The basis is there. A close look at The Queen Of Black Magic from 1981 shows how many differences exist between the two films. Explained the original movie.

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But this does not make this an enjoyable movie simply a more accessible plot. The Queen of Black Magic is a master class for growing fear. Which for characters is worsening and becomes a literally horrible finale. All along, the holy witch remains mostly invisible until the end, influencing the characters evilly and driving them to play a major role in their own destruction.

Although the premise is awful, it lacks a clear leader. Ostensibly Hanif and Nadya his spouse (Hannah Al Rashid) are the heroes of the story, although the movie doesn’t focus on the outside the introduction and the finale.

It is the side characters, however, that feel more fleshy. While Anton and Jefri are blank, Eva (Imelda Therinne) and Lina (Salvita Decorte) are more vibrant, respectively. Eva is a hypochondria and Lina has problems with her body image. And although that may not be the most unique of features. Her concerns are employed in innovative ways against them.

And it is a pity that the male characters are so bland. That they reduce the effect of their childhood’s mystery. The reason the Queen attacks them is impressive with such a horrendous background as the current happenings. However, Hanif, Anton, and Jefri never get to meet them as children. Or some of their links to the other characters are clearly demonstrated. It so leaves a little confused the otherwise big enigma.

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