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Take this DILF Quiz to find out which celebrity DILF you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

The current father generation is one of the most dedicated in history. Every father strives to be an active participant in their children’s lives. More fathers are staying at home than ever before. The doofy dad stereotype is on its way out. Another benefit is that celebrity fathers are embracing fatherhood and making all fathers look better by association. You’ve got your John Legends, Donald Glover, and Neil Patrick Harris. Your Damons, Pitts, and Clooneys. It’s incredible to see. However, there is one small but significant issue that must be addressed: how the world refers to attractive fathers. Because hot dads deserve more than dilf.

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Consider the power of milf for a moment. The term was coined in 1999’s American Pie and quickly entered the cultural lexicon as preferred slang for an attractive and slightly seductive woman with children.

Dilf Quiz

It’s a good phrase. The name tells you everything you need to know: Mom I’d Like to Fuck. It’s a rare acronym that doesn’t become overly cute or complicated. You don’t need to be explained what it means or how to use it in everyday conversations. When you say the word, a million images flash through your mind. Mrs. Robinson, please. Stifler’s mother. Huxtable, Clair Simpson, Marge Regardless of which of your childhood friends’ mothers you saw wearing workout pants one day. Also, you must try to play this DILF Quiz.

Dilf is noticeably less flawless. While milf was a creative acronym, dilf appears to be a hasty afterthought. Let’s just change the ‘M’ to a ‘D’ and hope no one notices. However, one letter can alter everything. Milf sounds smooth and seductive, whereas dilf sounds like a rejected Sesame Street character. Doable fathers may not have the cinematic or sexual impact of their female counterparts, but they certainly deserve a better word.

But before we can replace dilf, we need to come up with an alternative that better captures the essence of the world’s hot dads. It should draw inspiration from milf’s success without being a carbon copy. That is, the term should be short and punchy while conveying its meaning clearly. It should be clever, but not in an overly complicated way. It should have a hint of sexiness but not be overtly dirty.

Here are a few options I considered after some thought.

Dib (I’d Bone Dad)? Too perplexing.

Fathered and hot? Too long, too adorable. Dad, is that possible? Too much on the nose. Pater I want to feelus? Way too cerebral. Dimepiece, father? Eh.

About the quiz

Hop-on-Pop is the one I finally settled on. It’s brief. It’s rhyming. It takes some explaining (it’s a pop you want to hop on!) but also conveys the basic concept of hot dads without being too obvious Furthermore, it pays homage to arguably the most prolific children’s book author of all time without making that the focal point. It is effective. Here’s how I imagine “hop-on-pop” being used in everyday conversation:

Person 1: Did you catch Chance the Rapper’s Instagram story the other night?

Person 2: No, tell me what it was. Person 1: He and his daughter were rapping lullabies. Person 2: (Swooning) He’s such a hunk. Person 1: Agree to concur! (They enthusiastically high five each other.)

It is effective! It has a certain zing to it! Salute to the hop on pop. Is this the new term hot fathers didn’t know they needed? Keep your fingers crossed. Whatever happens, we’re not going to stop until we find a term for hot dads. Because the world deserves better than dilf, damn it.

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