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Summer is an undeniably horny season, and compliments are appropriately depraved in these months of newly vaccinated debauchery after a year and a half of isolation. This summer’s motto is “breedable,” thanks to a series of copypastas circulating on TikTok, Twitter, and Tumblr.

This phrasing contains no hidden meaning. Although the word’s explicit nature may prompt another round of fear-mongering articles that fail to decode what teens are texting each other, this isn’t youthful slang that older generations will have to Google to understand. When people refer to themselves or others as breedable, they literally mean that they are so hot that they want to procreate.

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Misogyny is ingrained in the term “breedable” both online and offline, but it is more complicated in fanfiction circles, which are largely populated by queer writers and readers. Also, you must try to play this Are You Submissive And Breedable Quiz.

Are You Submissive And Breedable Quiz

According to Know Your Meme, the phrase “submissive and breedable” comes from a June tweet that reads, “normalize platonically telling your bros they look submissive and breedable.”

Though the term “breedable” has been used in fandom circles for years, particularly in the Omegaverse genre of fics, the tweet’s viral reach was directly responsible for bringing the term to more mainstream vernacular. After Twitter user @T4RIG encouraged complimenting other men as “submissive and breedable,” Google searches for “breedable” skyrocketed. As of Tuesday, the TikTok tag #breedable had 1.8 million views.

Following the viral success of the tweet, Twitter users, particularly male Twitter users, began referring to themselves and each other as “breedable,” “fertile,” or “submissive” in a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement of desirability.

People will post a steamy thirst trap with the caption “breedable,” or comment on a (real or fictional) man’s attractiveness by mentioning their “fertile” qualities. The lighthearted degradation is sexual in nature.

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The phrase “submissive and breedable” is a copypasta that went viral after a TikTok user captioned their video, “feelin petite right now maybe a lil vulnerable in this cardigan, perhaps breedable.” The now-deleted TikTok appears to be from a deactivated account called yeahthataintme and was posted as early as March 2021.

In stan communities, fans would describe photos of their favorite K-pop idols, anime characters, and other hot men as “petite and fertile, perhaps breedable.” The phrase was also used to describe beautiful inanimate objects, such as Apple’s new line of colorful iMacs.


In short, it is exactly what it sounds like:’submissive and breedable.’ Literally.

When someone refers to someone as ‘breedable,’ it means they’re hot, desirable, alluring – the list goes on. Of course, there are better ways to compliment someone than ‘breedable.’

That’s all there is to it, really. There’s no need to consult Urban Dictionary!


According to Know Your Meme, the meme was inspired by a June tweet that said, “normalize platonically telling your bros they look submissive and breedable.”

In just five days, the post received over 92,000 likes and 12,200 retweets!

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are you submissive and breedable quiz
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