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Take this Sally Face Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

• Important point (canon)

a subtopic A hypothesis in which I personally believe

• You should be aware of the following families/ancestries: the Grey family/tribe, the Rosenburg family, the Addison family, the Johnson family, and the Phelps family.

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• The Grey tribe was a group of Native Americans who possessed psychic abilities (or at least the women did). The tribe’s origin story has most likely been fabricated or changed over time, but here it is:

An owl descended from the sky and mated with a man in the forest.

A beautiful woman burst out of the man later, killing him.

The forest wolves thanked the woman for saving them (presumably from hunger, because they could now eat the man)

Sally Face Quiz

These wolves, along with the woman, formed the first Grey tribe. (I believe the wolves evolved into humans over time, but I’m not sure.) Also, you must try to play this Sally Face Quiz.

My thoughts on the origin story are as follows: Because Greys is a name for the classic alien – this guy – I’d say the “owl from the sky” is most likely an alien (there are aliens, demons, ghosts, and so on in this game) (I know using emojis is banned but I find visuals help). Also, I’m pretty sure the only other aliens we know of have a better grasp on the game’s universe’s laws than any other character, which would explain the semi-true psychic thing.

Citlali Grey, a seer, was a very important and prominent member of the Grey family. She wrote the prophecy that caused (not predicted, though she did predict a lot of important stuff near the end of the game) the majority of the conflict in the game. The following is the prophecy:

About the quiz

The blue flame, which has not been extinguished, continues to flicker in the light. Child of the Abomination, he who sees between the worlds. Beyond man, wielding light that pierces the endless black. Asintmah resurrected a betrayer of our kind. His sword, man’s blood, rises to protect the Great Atrocity and prevent humankind’s triumph.

My thoughts are that this is definitely referring to Sal Fisher, the protagonist of the five chapters (his nickname is sally face because of the prosthetic face he wears). The reasoning is that blue flame, not extinguished, resurrected by Asintmah = blue hair, dead but not unable to fight, resurrected by Asintmah’s three pyramids (Sal is killed via the electric chair for mass murder). Sal’s ability to travel between dimensions after death is referred to as “seeing between worlds.” Sal could be a descendant of the Grey tribe because a woman ripping out a man after he committed beastiality is pretty abominable. On his mother’s side, I believe Sal is a descendant of the Grey tribe.

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