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The unidentified narrator enters Usher’s home on “a dismal, dark and soundless day.” The estate of his childhood friend Roderick Usher is located in this foreboding and enigmatic home. The narrator notes that the surrounding decaying trees and murky ponds appear to have given the house an unpleasant and diseased vibe. Although the home is deteriorating in certain places—for instance, individual stones are falling apart—the structure itself is still pretty sturdy, he observes. Only a tiny fissure runs along the front of the building from the roof to the ground. He arrived at the residence as a result of his friend Roderick’s sincere invitation in a letter.

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The narrator is coming to Roderick’s aid because he wrote that he was experiencing bodily and mental illness. The Usher family has never prospered, despite being a long-standing clan, according to the narrator. The Usher family has only had one survivor from generation to generation, resulting in a direct line of ancestry with no external branches. The peasantry mistakes the Usher family’s residents with their residence because they have grown so linked with their land. The Fall Of The House Of Usher quiz will help you remember certain details.

The Fall Of The House Of Usher quiz

The narrator believes that the house’s inside is equally eerie as its outside. He makes his way to the chamber where Roderick is waiting by navigating the lengthy hallways. Roderick seems paler and less animated than he used to be, the man observes. Roderick claims to the narrator that he has anxiety, terror, and heightened senses. The narrator also observes that Roderick appears to be frightened of his own home. Madeline, Roderick’s sister, has fallen ill with an unknown illness—possibly catalepsy, which causes limb loss of control—that the medical professionals are unable to cure. The narrator tries to cheer Roderick up over several days. He reads him stories, listens to Roderick play the guitar and make up songs, but he is unable to help Roderick feel better. Soon after, Roderick puts forth his hypothesis that the house is sick in and of itself, just as the narrator assumed at the start of the story. Also, you must try to play The Fall Of The House Of Usher quiz.


Roderick Usher

The last male Usher in line and the owner of the home. Roderick serves as his twin sister Madeline’s doppelganger or persona double. He is the mental equivalent of her bodily disease and serves as the mental counterpart to her physical body.

Madeline Usher

Sister of Roderick and a sufferer of the unusual, debilitating condition catalepsy. Madeline conveys the narrator’s outsider status to the Usher household by revealing that she is astonished to learn that Madeline is a twin.

Unnamed narrator

The closest childhood pal of Roderick. The narrator, who knows little about the Usher mansion and is the first outsider to visit the mansion in many years, was contacted by Roderick while he was experiencing emotional turmoil.

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the fall of the house of usher quiz
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