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Take this The Extra Terrestrial quiz to find out which character from The Extra Terrestrial you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

A small youngster, Elliott (Henry Thomas), hears the noise outside. He is frightened when he finds an extraterrestrial little creature, who fears him equally. Elliott decides to bring the creature into his bedroom where he hides him. Elliott calls the extraterrestrial ET. He ultimately presents ET to Michael, his elder brother (Robert MacNaughton), Gertie and his family dog, but not Mary his mother (Dee Wallace).

Elliott and ET start to converse and understand. Elliott knows, too, that ET will be removed if ET is found. ET starts learning a few words and says Elliot wants to go to his own planet. Elliott intends to help ET find a method to get in touch with his family and get home. At the same time, the federal agents who close in must be avoided by Elliot and ET.

He hides E.T. in his closet, followed by Michael and Gertie. Both swear to secrecy by Elliott. In the meantime, on the interplanetary trail E.T. the threatening federal officers are still hot and the audience has a delightful taste for the strange sounds of E.T.

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The Extra Terrestrial quiz

As the children become familiar with E.T., they find that he has particular powers. Case in point: he can levitate articles such as balls and bikes. Oh, and some dead geraniums are resurrected. He also seems to be part of a special relationship with Elliott (or Elllll-eee-uuuuut, as E.T. may say), and Elliott also feels it.

Gertie teaches E.T. how to talk and he says he wants to phone home to her and to Elliott. He didn’t feel so well in the last few months and must return quickly to his hometown. Elliott and Michael assist him to collect the communicator pieces. They aid him. The ominous federal officers are getting nearer, E.T. becomes ill, and E.T. mends it fast with his healing touch as Elliott slices his Finger. Also, you must try to play this The Extra Terrestrial quiz.

Elliott and Michael sneak E.T. into the forest on Halloween to phone home. Elliott wakes alone and unwell the next morning.

An alien family is landing on earth, but when they have to go, leave their infant accidentally. The scared kid (E.T.) enters a young kid’s yard (Elliot) and his family. At initially frightened by E.T., Elliot goes to his garden to make friends with the monster. He takes it back home, shares it with his brother and sister, but keeps its mother’s secret. Elliot and E.T get quite close, although Elliot knows E.T. wants his family to go home. Then, they are constructing a contraption together to reach the parents of E.T. You acquire it and plan to return to earth.

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However, the authorities (who had watched Elliot’s house for a while) ruptured and confiscated E.T before they arrived. They turn the building into a research laboratory by conducting several E.T. and Elliot experiments. E.T. dies, but Elliot’s sorrow at the death of his companion pulls E.T. back to life due to the link between both. Hijack the medical van from Elliot and his brother and lead the E.T to the forest to see his parents. They find the spacecraft and E.T. gathers its parents and must tell their new pals goodbye. Also, you will find out which The Extra Terrestrial character are you in this quiz.

My heart was happy with this film. It’s full of innocence, hope, and joy. It’s humorous and thrilling as hell, too. “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” is a film like “The Wizard of Oz,” with which you can grow and grow old and don’t allow yourselves. It tells a story about love and friendship. Some people are a bit confused when they hear it described: it is a relationship between a boy and an outside creature who becomes his best friend. It sounds like an intersection between “The Thing” and “National Velvet.” It is like science fiction, sometimes it is as frightening as a monster film, and in the end, there is a dry eye when the light comes up. However, I can propose some of the miracles of the movie.

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