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Take this Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind quiz to find out which character from Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Eternal Sunshine is all in rather a weird order: we begin in the future, go into a recent past, and then proceed in reverse chronological times, only to wind up in the present, which continues into the future which we have previously seen and beyond.

We will tackle things as chronologically as feasible because we are extremely helpful.

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It all begins with Joel going with his boyfriends, Rob and Carrie, to the beach party and meeting this green-haired girl named Clementine (or perhaps Joel is starting to take a bath in a sink when he is a baby, but we’re now skipping that phase). Clem, though, breaks into a residence with Joel that night, but Joel is frightened and departs. Still, he’s going to go back to Clem and visit her at Barnes & Noble, she’s working and they start a relationship officially.

Only the next two years we know a little, but mainly they are pleased. A walk through the woods in autumn, a trip to an indoor theater, an elephant parade.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind quiz

But things cease working so nicely gradually. Joel and Clem sleep in a bed and discuss communications, and Joel thinks they’re dead when they’re both eating out. They fight because they have a kid, and even more argue when Clem comes late to his home with the cock of Joel. Clem left and soon later went to Lacuna, a medical company specializing in memory-erasing – well, she erased Joel. Also, you must try to play this Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind quiz.

In order to make up for what he said Clem, he gets her the early Valentine’s Day present, but he sees her kissing a random man and acting like a man she does not know. Confused, Rob and Carrie are going to Joel who tells him of Lacuna.

Joel went to Lacuna personally, discovered the truth, and decided to make what she was doing to him to Clem. He (nearly) collects all that he has linked with Clem and the Lacuna specialists, Dr. Mierzwiak and Stan, who use these artifacts to map his Clem memories. He took a tablet that night and collapsed on the floor of him. Patrick and Stan come in and seek to erase the remembrance of Joel.

He waits, dressed to work, on the platform. Suddenly there’s something coming over him and he’ll take a different train for Montauk on the other platform. His voiceover tells the viewers that he is generally not impulsive. He sits on Montauk’s cold, icy beach and pulls off his newspaper which ripped out a few pages. For two years he didn’t write in it.

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When Joel walks along the beach, he realizes in a shiny orange shirt a woman with blue hair and wonders why he can’t meet ladies. It occurs that the same woman is on the same train as Joel and he says hello. They talk – Clementine (Kate Winslet), her name, and she’s wrathful and thoughtful. She invades and discomforts Joel’s personal space. However, he likes something about her because he goes to her apartment when she invites him. The following day, he walks down the frozen Charles River on a night journey with her. Between them, there’s something simmering. What Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind character are you?

Cut in his automobile to Joel’s bumper. Where or how this occurred is unclear. Two men (Patrick and Stan) after Joel has slept unpack the white van and carry an extraordinary set of equipment inside Joel’s flat. Within Joel’s thoughts, he remembers saying that he had tried to clementine with his friends Rob and Carrie.

Here is another fiction summary example that you may use as a guide to writing your novel synopsis. (Here are all my examples of summary.) This time it’s the Spotless Mind’s Eternal Sunshine, my first serious “literary fiction” attempt. The language and the interaction of character constitute a good deal of the beauty of the story, but these are hard things to display in summary. But don’t be concerned—only it’s a matter of summarizing the back-to-back framework and vision of the story. Agents want to see that Act II is neither turquoise nor the end of your story.

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