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Take this The Empress quiz to find out which character from The Empress you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Elisabeth visits the Austrian Royal Palace known as Habsburg as the shy, energetic, and youthful (16-year-old) Sissi. Because Sissi’s mother is certain that her daughter would never find a husband, she focuses her efforts on getting her sister married to Austria’s Emperor, the current King Franz Joseph I. (after the previous suitors were politely rejected). When Franz chooses Elisabeth as his Queen rather than Helene, whose heart is deeply broken, a series of unexpected events occur that abruptly alter her fate.

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When Elisabeth’s destiny changes, Franz’s younger brother Prince Maxmillian, who has recently become widowed, has made it clear that he wants Elisabeth. His attempt to pursue her demonstrates his willingness to take what is not rightfully his if the opportunity arises. He is always willing to plan for more, though. When his wife inexplicably passes away, we see how his desire for power begins to grow along with an overly optimistic outlook for the future of an empire that he does not yet control.

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We are reminded of what Princess Diana might have gone through by Elisabeth’s adjustments in the future and the gradual transformation of her lifestyle into the strict structure of monarchy. But thanks to this poignant depiction of Elisabeth, we gain an understanding of how a royal household functions. Six of the Empress’s 10 ladies-in-waiting would serve as her principal maidens at any given moment. When one of the maidens sets out to show the other is a fake, the two of them find themselves in each other’s crosshairs. Also, you will find out which The Empress character are you in this quiz.

Amalie is looking for any and all information she can to show that Countess Ava is not who she is thought to be, unworthy and a threat to the Empress. While Ava does demonstrate to the audience that she is quite dangerous and has an agenda of her own, her heart changes when she learns that Elisabeth is not like the other members of the royal family. Ava’s boyfriend approaches her near the outside of the palace grounds and reminds her of her goal to assassinate the emperor. On the other hand, Ava decides his fate. Also, you must try to play The Empress quiz.


Devrim Lingnau plays Princess/Empress Elisabeth von Wittelsbach

Elisabeth von Wittelsbach: Who is she? The series’ main character is Elisabeth von Wittelsbach, whom Emperor Franz Joseph chooses to wed, much to the surprise of everyone but Franz Joseph himself. Despite her intense love for the emperor, she feels terribly restrained by the responsibilities of her position, especially in light of the strong forces that are rearranging themselves all around her.

Philip Froissant plays Emperor Franz Joseph

Who is Franz Joseph, the Emperor? The Emperor himself, played by Philip Froissant, is shown in the film. Despite his intense internal turmoil and the mounting constraints of the war in Europe, Joseph has his own, very distinct ambitions for the Empire. Even his love for Elisabeth, which he is steadfastly certain of, is put to the test by all of these concerns.

Hanna Hilsdorf plays Amalia

And who is Amalia? One of the courtiers vying for favor in court is Amalia, who surrounds Sisi. She is a stickler for the law and sees her lifetime loyalty to the royal family, particularly the Empress, as who she is.

Svenja Jung plays Louise

Describe Louise. Franz Joseph had a romantic relationship with Louise, a former courtesan, and his commitment to her poses a threat to his newly discovered love for Elisabeth. Her growing political affiliations that appear throughout the series complicate things even more.

About the The Empress quiz

The Empress quiz is made up of 30 questions that will help you uncover which character from the tv-show The Empress (2022) you are most similar to. It uses a specific technique to determine your personality and compare it with the character in the movie.

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