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The Bonesetter’s Daughter Quiz – Book Trivia Quizzes


Take this The Bonesetter’s Daughter Quiz to find out how well you remember the book. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

A Chinese-American lady in her forties named Ruth Young works as a ghostwriter and resides in San Francisco. Ruth leads a steady existence but struggles occasionally with relationship problems with her boyfriend, Art. She frequently feels overburdened by the strain of juggling her professional and personal obligations, which include serving as stepmother to Art’s two teenage kids. Ruth is close to her aging mother LuLing, but they don’t always get along. The two of them frequently quarreled, especially because LuLing has always had a poor temper and a history of depression. LuLing raised Ruth as a widowed single mother.

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Ruth is upset to discover that her mother appears confused and forgetful. Ruth is curious to find out more about her mother’s past after learning that LuLing has dementia. Years ago, LuLing handed Ruth a paper that contained some of her life’s experiences; however, because the document was written in Chinese, Ruth found it difficult to read and hasn’t made much of an effort to persevere. Ruth discovers the last portion of the document following LuLing’s diagnosis and chooses to have it properly translated. Ruth relocates to help take care of her mother while she waits for the translation to be finished. Also, you must try to play The Bonesetter’s Daughter quiz.

The Bonesetter’s Daughter quiz

The record, which was written by hand, details LuLing’s life. She was born in 1916 in a Chinese village close to the capital city of Peking (modern-day Beijing). LuLing was raised in an extended household with her sister GaoLing, brothers, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. She was born into the wealthy ink-making Liu family. But Precious Auntie, LuLing’s nursemaid, was the most significant person in her life. A mystery woman with extensive scarring and no voice, Precious Auntie was also mute. In addition to serving as a translator for the rest of the family, LuLing wrote to her and used other methods of communication. The document contains details about Precious Auntie’s past that occurred before she was born. Later it is discovered that Precious Auntie produced a document for LuLing that gave her access to this knowledge. The Bonesetter’s Daughter quiz will help you remember certain details.


Ruth Young

the book’s main character. Ruth, a woman in her middle years, leads a generally pleasant existence but frequently wonders why she doesn’t feel completely pleased. Ruth is separated from her own goals and wants as she concentrates on keeping everyone around her happy. She has an ambiguous relationship with her identity as a Chinese-American person and carries the burden of sadness from a tumultuous relationship with her mother.

LuLing Liu Young

One of the primary characters and Ruth Young’s mother. An elderly woman named LuLing is known for being obstinate, irritable, and theatrical. She is steadfast in her beliefs and believes she is the source of all knowledge. LuLing gradually gains sympathy as her dementia diagnosis helps to explain part of her behavior and her handwritten document reveals that she has experienced many horrible incidents.

Precious Auntie

Ruth’s grandmother as well as LuLing’s mother. Intelligent and charming Precious Auntie suffers several painful losses, including the passing of her father and first love. She makes two suicide attempts as a result of the impact of her sadness, leaving her permanently damaged and unable to communicate. Although Precious Auntie is strong and ready to make many sacrifices for her daughter, she is also constrained by guilt and grief.

GaoLing (Auntie Gal) Young

Apparently LuLing’s younger sister, but in reality LuLing’s cousin. As the matriarch of a rich, multigenerational Chinese-American family, GaoLing leads a pleasant existence. She is not plagued by her former life in China like LuLing is. She has kept the existence of her previous husband in China a secret for years and has other secrets as well.

About The Bonesetter’s Daughter quiz

15 multiple-choice questions in the free The Bonesetter’s Daughter quiz below will help you gauge your knowledge of the book. Determine which chapters, ideas, and writing techniques you already understand, as well as what you still need to learn in preparation for your forthcoming essay, midterm, or final test. Now take the free test!

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the bonesetter’s daughter quiz
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