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Take this Stranger Things Season 4 Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

“Get ready, brochachos!” That’s the warning that Jonathan’s pothead pal Argyle gives him, Eleven, and Mike early in the Season 4 premiere of Netflix’s Stranger Things, and he does so because he’s a bit of a wild driver. However, the advice would be equally applicable to you or anyone else embarking on the first half of the series’ penultimate season. In a nutshell, they’re a ride.

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The seven plus-sized episodes not only detonate pulse-pounding action sequences, but they also introduce nightmare-inducing new villains of both the human and supernatural variety, throw together an unexpected tag team for the ages, and serve up more laughs than you’d think were possible with dark forces conspiring to turn the world upside down. (Like “America,” “hysterical” cannot be spelled without Erica.)

Continue reading, and before Part 2 drops on Friday, July 1, we’ll go over all the major plot twists, pausing to highlight the best moments from each episode.

After the review of the first two episodes of the show, you must be asking yourself where can I watch Stranger Things season 4 online for free or paid way. Stranger Things is a Netflix original series and you can watch it by paying for a subscription there.

Stranger Things Season 4 Quiz

Eleven had massacred everyone at Hawkins Lab, including her fellow children but excluding Dr. Brenner, according to a 1979 flashback. In the present — well, 1986 — “Jane” was mercilessly bullied at Lenora Hills High by mean girl Angela, while Will resisted a female classmate’s advances, Jonathan dealt with his distance from Nancy by getting lit with pal Argyle, and Joyce received a package from “Enzo” in Russia revealing Hopper’s survival. When Lucas’ basketball championship game clashed with the climax of Hellfire Club Dungeon Master Eddie’s Vecna campaign, a chasm opened between our freshmen. Oh, and something extremely wicked came their way: troubled cheerleader Chrissy was fatally pretzeled by the supernatural force that had been stalking her while visiting Eddie’s trailer to score drugs. Also, you must try to play this Stranger Things season 4 quiz.

After seeing Chrissy’s contorted body at the trailer park, Max enlisted the help of Dustin, Steve, and Robin to track Eddie down. They deduced from this that whatever had killed Chrissy was a powerful creature like Vecna. At the same time, Nancy and her Hawkins Tiger colleague Fred conducted an investigation at the trailer park, where she learned that Eddie’s uncle suspected the murderous Victor Creel had escaped from Pennhurst Mental Hospital, and Fred… Aw. Fred suffered the same fate as Chrissy. Joyce and Murray’s call to “Enzo” — in reality, Russian prison guard Dmitri — sent them scrambling for the ransom they were supposed to deliver to Alaska to get Hopper “unstuck.” Jonathan informed Argyle that, unbeknownst to Nancy, he would not be attending college with her. Angela humiliated El in front of a visiting Mike at Rink-O-Mania by bashing her smug face with a roller skate. Also, you will find out which Stranger Things character are you in this quiz.

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Winona Ryder – Plays Joyce Byers

Joyce and Hopper shared an emotional moment at the end of season 3 and finally admitted their feelings for each other – but were ripped apart in the explosive conclusion, in which the portal to the Upside Down was destroyed.

David Harbour – Plays Jim Hopper

Hopper’s Season 3 ended on a heartbreaking and mysterious cliffhanger. The Duffer Brothers, the show’s creators, have since revealed that Hopper will return.

We don’t know how he survived the explosion following the Battle of Starcourt, but ‘The American’ will be found “imprisoned far from home in the snowy wasteland of Kamchatka, where he will face dangers both human…and other.”

Millie Bobby Brown – Plays Eleven

Eleven is starting a new life in California with the Byers family, but high school is difficult without her powers and boyfriend Mike.

Eleven will embark on an incredible journey in Season 4 that will take viewers deep into her backstory. Just watch the first 8 minutes of Season 4’s trailer to get a sense of where Eleven’s story is going.

Finn Wolfhard – Plays Mike Wheeler

Mike and Dustin are still representing Dungeons and Dragons as members of Hawkins High School’s Hellfire Club – we expect their Hellfire Club t-shirts to sell like hotcakes.

Mike’s relationship with Eleven has been tested by distance, and when they reunite in California, Mike discovers that El has not told him the whole story about life in California.

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