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Take this Princess Mononoke quiz to find out which character from Princess Mononoke you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

In Princess Mononoke, Ashitaka, the last Emishi prince, strives to bring peace to Irontown and the woodland creatures that surround it.

He saves his town from an attack by killing Nago, the gigantic boar deity. A demon marks Ashitaka’s right arm during the struggle, and the Boar God’s hate and pain curse him. On Ashitaka’s body, the mark will eventually kill him. An iron ball recovered within Nago’s corpse has some connection to the curse, but it’s not clear how.

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In order to discover a cure for his curse, Ashitaka decides to travel back to Nago’s homeland, the Western nations. Yakult, his devoted red elk, travels out with him. According to Miyazaki, only Ashitaka’s ‘little sister’ Kaya said goodbye to him because it was taboo to see off someone who had been banished. Kaya gave him her crystal dagger so that Ashitaka would not forget her.

Princess Mononoke quiz

He arrives at Moro’s temple in a forest full of animal gods after having journeyed a long way. On top of that, there’s the Forest Spirit, who’s characterized as a “god of life and death” by day and as a “night-walker” by night. In order to get more iron ore, Irontown constantly clears the forest, sparking many animal clashes as the animals try to safeguard their shrinking forest. Lady Eboshi, the leader of Irontown, shot Nago during one of these confrontations. Also, you must try to play this Princess Mononoke quiz.

This year’s summer release schedule for Japanese AAA anime films is anything but regular.

With the exception of Earthsea, Studio Ghibli’s films are among the most popular anime films of all time. A lot of individuals buying tickets for the revival are likely to have seen Nausicaa, Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away at least twice before.

While Mr. Sato has caught Nausicaa on TV, he hasn’t seen any of the other films in “Once in a lifetime, Ghibli at the cinema” Because of advertisements and other sources, he knows the names of the principal characters, but that is about the extent of his knowledge.

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A wicked Nago, the boar deity and chief of the Boar tribe, tries to destroy Ashitaka’s community. If he does not discover the solution westward, the curse will spread throughout his body and kill him. In the west, our exiled hero finds himself caught in the center of a conflict between an industrial town and the forest, which he must try to resolve.

In the Japanese Muromachi period, which lasted from 1336 to 1573, industrialization was at its peak. Japanese trade with the Ming dynasty was intense during this time, which is why the story’s core concern is what the economic boom did to these developing settlements.

Throughout the film, there are no antagonists. As part of their efforts to increase their own prosperity, Iron Town is shown destroying woods and killing wildlife. This is not viewed as “evil.” Inherently, none of the characters in the film are out to destroy the lives of others, but rather, they are attempting to discover their own. In my opinion, the idea of portraying evil and then eradicating it is a bad one. That someone may be blamed for bad things that happen in life and in politics is a futile notion” (Scott, quote from Miyazaki).

Jigo, the closest thing to a villain, shelters and feeds Ashitaka out of kindness. Good and evil are both the result of defective beliefs, and their victims are not responsible for their formation.

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princess mononoke quiz
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