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Take this Anne Frank Quiz to find out how well you remember the book. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

The diary of Anne starts on June 12, 1942, the day she becomes thirteen, and finishes not long after she turns fifteen. Beginning with pretty ordinary girlhood experiences, Anne writes in her diary about her schoolwork, her relationships with other girls, and her affections on guys. Anne and her older sister, Margot, attended the Jewish Lyceum in Amsterdam because anti-Semitic laws required Jews to attend separate schools.

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Prior to World War II, the Franks fled persecution in Germany by emigrating to the Netherlands. The Franks were driven into hiding after the Germans invaded the Netherlands in 1940. They relocated into a tiny covert annex above Otto Frank’s office with another family, the van Daans, and a friend, Mr. Dussel, where they had stored food and supplies. Otto’s workers assisted in keeping the Franks hidden and provided them with food, medication, and information about the outside world. Also, you must try to play this Anne Frank quiz.

Anne Frank quiz

By listening to the radio, the annex’s residents keep up with every event in the war. Some news items strike Anne’s eye and find their way into her journal, giving her private thoughts a vivid historical background. The adults place confident wagers on when the war will end, and Allied defeats or German victories have a significant impact on their disposition. During the two years the Franks remain in hiding, the war decimates Amsterdam. Since food becomes scarcer and crimes increase in frequency, the city’s citizens as a whole suffer. This Anne Frank quiz will help you remember certain details.


Anne Frank

the diary’s creator. Anne was four years old when her father moved the family to Holland in search of a better location to live. Anne was born on June 12, 1929, in Frankfurt, Germany. She aspires to be a writer and is extremely brilliant and perceptive. At the age of fifteen, Anne transforms from an innocent, temperamental, precocious, and occasionally petty teenage girl to a sympathetic and perceptive thinker. At late February or early March 1945, Anne passes away in the Bergen-Belsen detention camp from typhus.

Margot Frank

older sister of Anne. Frankfurt was Margot’s birthplace in 1926. In Anne’s diary, she receives scant attention, and Anne doesn’t give any insight into Margot’s personality. Margot, in Anne’s opinion, is attractive, intelligent, sensitive, and everyone’s favorite. But Margot and Anne do not become close, and she only makes an appearance in the journal when she is the object of Anne’s resentment or jealousy. A few days before Anne passes away from typhus at the concentration camp, she does.

Otto Frank

Father of Anne. Anne identifies particularly with Otto because of his pragmatism and kindness. His family was well-off when he was born on May 12, 1889, in Frankfurt, but the family’s worldwide banking operation failed as a result of the German economic slump that followed World War I. Otto relocated to Amsterdam in 1933 to avoid persecution after the Nazis took control of Germany. He made a living there until the family was compelled to go into hiding in 1942 by selling food and chemical items. Otto lives until 1980 and is the sole member of the family to survive the war.

Edith Frank

Mother of Anne Originally from Aachen, Germany, Edith Hollander wed Otto in 1925. The connection between Anne and her mother is quite stormy, and she doesn’t feel any affection or sympathy for her. Anne feels that her mother is overly sentimental and judgmental. At January 1945, Edith passes away in the Auschwitz concentration camp from tiredness and malnutrition.

About the Anne Frank quiz

15 multiple-choice questions in the free Anne Frank quiz below will help you gauge your knowledge of the book. Determine which chapters, ideas, and writing techniques you already understand, as well as what you still need to learn in preparation for your forthcoming essay, midterm, or final test. Now take the free test!

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anne frank quiz
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