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An unnamed author reveals in an Author’s Note that he went from his home in Canada to India because he was restless. He encountered Francis Adirubasamy, an elderly man, while drinking coffee in a café in the Pondicherry town. Francis volunteered to tell him a spectacular story to restore his trust in God. Pi Patel is the subject of this tale. Before moving on to the story itself, the author informs the reader that it will sound more natural if he delivers it in Pi’s own voice.

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Pi tells the story of Part One in the first person. Pi tells his story from a mature age, reflecting on his earlier years spent in high school and college in Toronto, and then even further back to his boyhood in Pondicherry. He explains that he has endured great suffering and has sought comfort in zoology and religion. He explains how Francis Adirubasamy, a close business associate and champion swimmer, gave him swimming lessons and gave him his peculiar moniker. Also, you must try to play this Life Of Pi quiz.

Life Of Pi quiz

The Piscine Molitor, a swimming club with two pools in Paris that Adirubasamy used to frequent, inspired the name Pi. The Pondicherry Zoo was originally run by Pi’s father, who taught Pi and his brother Ravi about the dangers of animals by giving a live goat to a tiger right in front of their young eyes. Pi, who was raised as a Hindu, learns about Christianity and then Islam and decides to practice all three at once. Pi’s parents make the decision to relocate the family to Canada due to political unrest in India; on June 21, 1977, they set sail in a cargo ship with a crew and a number of cages filled with zoo animals. This Life Of Pi quiz will help you remember certain details.


Piscine Molitor Patel (Pi)

the story’s main character. For the most of the book, Piscine serves as the narrator, and the main plot point is his description of his seven months at sea. He was named after a pool in Paris that a close family friend, Francis Adirubasamy, loved to swim in. His odd name comes from the French term for pool. Pi, a biology and religion student, is incredibly curious about how people and animals behave.

Richard Parker

the Royal Bengal tiger that Pi keeps company with in his lifeboat. Richard Parker, his captive, had given him the name Thirsty, but a shipping clerk mispronounced their names. He was now known as Richard Parker at the Pondicherry Zoo. He kills the blind cannibal and the hyena in the lifeboat while weighing 450 pounds and measuring around nine feet long. Richard Parker, on the other hand, respects Pi’s supremacy by acting like an omega, or subordinate, animal.

The Author

The fictional Author’s Note narrator, who intermittently enters the storyline throughout the text. The Author’s Note is written by an anonymous author, but there are many signs that Yann Martel is actually behind it. He lives in Canada, has written two books, and was inspired to write Pi’s life story while traveling in India.

Francis Adirubasamy

the elderly guy who, after a fortuitous encounter in a Pondicherry coffee shop, relates the author Pi’s story. When Pi was a young child, he taught him how to swim and gave him his peculiar nickname. In order to gain a first-person account of Pi’s bizarre and captivating tale, he makes arrangements for the author to see Pi in person. He goes by the Indian name Mamaji, which means revered uncle, for Pi.

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