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Take this La La Land quiz to find out which character from La La Land you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Musicals have made me a romantic person. She told me that some emotions are so strong that they cannot be placed in ordinary words, they had to be sung. There’s so much love you just must move your feet. I remember being impressed by Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire in a household that liked classic films and that they were as cool as anyone else in film history. Characters in music not only interpreted love differently from traditional cinema but turned it into art, into the dance, the singing, and the transcending of simple language, into a higher, purer, closer romantic thing.

Since Rogers & Astaire’s times, we’ve seen musical musicals, but few who strove, maybe even more so, to re-enact the sensation of fluid, magical thinking in which characters speak with their own bodies. The intensity and attention it devotes to movement and music, not simply to lyrics, is among the many astounding things about Damien Chazelle’s “La Land.” Modern musicals based so often on Broadway shows have concentrated on tunes that are more intriguing. Chazelle’s views have more impact than a line in dancing and a simple piano refrain.

This is a lovely film about love and dreams, and how both influence one another. Los Angeles is full of dreamers, and a partner sometimes needs to fulfill your dreams. Also, you must try to play this La La Land quiz.

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La La Land quiz

At the end of the film, Sebastian has his own jazz club. Mia has a leading role in a project filmed in Paris which starts her acting career. Mia and Sebastian go their separate ways and never rekindle their romance while making their aspirations come true. When Mia comes back to L.A., now married to somebody else, she meets Seb (The Jazz Club of Sebastian). Stop in for a minute, while considering what your life together would have been like Mia smiles at Sebastian. Viewers are watching onscreen the imaginary installation. But back at the club Mia exits and shares a last look on her way out with Sebastian.

The film closes with Sebastian and Mia as two people who have fallen in love. However, their work prevails above any effort to keep their connection between them.

In his speech to the Hollywood Reporter, Fred Berger claims that the plan was for the two methods, which he considered as a more realistic result, to go their own way.

They did not wish to distract themselves from their idea by rebelling against the template for Hollywood fairy tales, but a means to deliver a more realistic story. “We felt confident, but what was pushed for change was what would get it connected and felt fresh and innovative. Berger added. Our open mind was to calibrate it in an honest fashion.”

About the quiz

The picture starts on a LA highway with traffic gridlock. We watch the barista, aspiring actress Mia, going on the lines of her car after the opening extravaganza (“Another Day of the Sun”). She doesn’t focus on the journey, so Sebastian—a jazz artist that dreams of establishing a jazz club—holds up. As he drives past, he blows his horn loudly on her. Mia’s hearing is deceit and she goes back home to her co-workers who persuade her to participate in a party (“Someone in the Crowd”). The party is equally deceptive and Mia walks on foot and stops at the Lipton restaurant after discovering her car hauled away at the end of the night. Which La La Land character are you?

We listen to the horn tingling, and only from Sebastian’s point of view does the film play this piece this time. Sebastian has just left the traffic gridlock to visit the samba-tapas bar of Van Beek. We discover afterward, not to go inside but only to look at it, that there were once excellent jazz musicians at the venue, and Sebastian dreams of establishing his own jazz club in that historic setting. But he plays the piano at Lipton’s restaurant right now. And we see him with his boss, who reminds him to adhere to the Christmas list (and specifically to cut out the jazz).

But he turns off course, playing his own jazz (“Mia & Sebastian’s Topic”). After a few weihnachts melodies, Mia looks out. She’s hyped, and just like he’s been fired, she compliments him. Without a second look, he brushes by her.

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