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Take this Julie And The Phantoms quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Madison Reyes plays Julie Molina, a high school singer who is struggling to compose music following her mother’s death but unwittingly calls the spirits of a deceased 90s band called Sunset Curve before being renamed the Phantoms.

She soon joins the spirits in creating a band and playing with them. Julie is shown a lot of love by the friendly spirits. Julie is the only one they can sing with for others to notice them.

They deceive the audience by claiming that these ghosts are actual persons who play with Julie using high-tech projections.

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Julie and the Phantoms is a musical dramedy based on the Brazilian television series Julie e os Fantasmas. It’s about a kid who struggles to make music when her mother dies, but then something unexpected happens: Julie unwittingly summons a ghost band from the past and finally forms her band with them. Also, you must try to play this Julie And The Phantoms quiz.

Julie And The Phantoms quiz

Madison Reyes’s endearing acting and singing helped the audience/viewers fall in love with this edition of the program. This Netflix original is underappreciated, but it’s a must-see show that’s great for binge-watching. Every episode’s title symbolizes the song that will be included in it.

Madison Reyes, Charlie Gillespie, Jeremy Shada, Owen Patrick Joyner, Jadah Marie, Sacha Carlson, and Savannah May were cast in starring roles on July 21, 2020, when the series premiere date was announced, while Booboo Stewart, Cheyenne Jackson, Carlos Ponce, and Sonny Bustamante were cast in recurring roles. The series’ principal photography began on September 17, 2019, and ended on December 14, 2019, in Burnaby, British Columbia.

When Julie discovers the boys slowly dying in her garage, she begs them to join Caleb’s band so that they might survive. Luke, on the other hand, informs her that music isn’t worth making without her. She begins to cry and hold him, and then… he begins to glow? Julie can also feel him, even though they can’t touch him because he’s a ghost. He claims he feels stronger, and Julie invites Reggie and Alex to join in the hug so that they, too, can be healed. The group hug makes them all shine and removes Caleb’s wicked ghost mark. Is it Julie’s love and tears that saved them? It’s possible. After all, they appear to be linked through her mother, who died at the beginning of the series. Perhaps her mother sent the band to Julie and helped them heal via her.

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Billy was the sole surviving member of the Sunset Curve band, and after their deaths, he took all of their songs and passed it off as his own. He became completely shaken at the end of the season when he saw the viral video of Julie performing with his deceased bandmates. But when it came to their Orpheum presentation, he did nothing. He merely looked surprised. It appears unlikely that he will be an antagonist in Season 2. He might even try to apologize for throwing his comrades under the bus. But they never got their retribution, and according to executive producers David Hoge and Dan Cross, they may still want it. “If we’re lucky enough to receive a second season,” they hinted, “Bobby, aka Trevor, has some skeletons he needs to deal with — and some irritated ghosts.”

If Bobby’s daughter Carrie learns the truth, she will most likely use it to bring down her arch-nemesis Julie.

Julie and the Phantoms left multiple cliffhangers leading into a potential second season, which increases the likelihood of renewal. Everyone will be talking about and theorizing about these huge moments, and that excitement could lead to Netflix giving the program extra episodes. Fans want answers!

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julie and the phantoms quiz
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