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Take this which Blazblue character are you quiz to test which character are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

BlazBlue, which debuted in 2008 as a spiritual successor to the then-defunct Guilty Gear series, carries on the magnificent heritage of its predecessor by defying all of the clichés associated with fighting games.

Everything about BlazBlue was a middle finger to the tried and true Street Fighter and King of Fighters formulas, from the mechanics to the speed of the bouts to the tunes that played throughout said matches. This also features a (gasp!) fascinating story, which continues to elude fighting games beyond the normal “Well, we’re already here, so let’s fight because what else are we going to do!” type of scenario.

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Unfortunately, said the tale was also entirely indecipherable unless you were prepared to go into the supplemental materials, which were evenly distributed amongst the manga, animation, novels, radio program (no, really), and spin-off visual novel titles (no, really). In fact, in some circles, being able to recite and address some of the basic themes common in the BlazBlue universe to explain what was going on in the story became a mark of the elite. A crimson badge of courage, if you will, for those who faced the blue-themed walls of kanji and furigana texts containing technical jargons, allusions to Japanese mythology, and material that takes a basic understanding of quantum physics and the Schrodinger Cat theory to make sense.

Which Blazblue character are you?

The majority of the group has had their memories jumbled, and the entire first act feels like a replay of Calamity Trigger. This entire Kagutsuchi saga is being overseen by Nine of the Six Heroes, who has returned to exact retribution not only on Terumi but on the entire planet. She unveils the planet’s coup de grace; beat Izanami and obtain the Azure to obtain your desired world. Also, you will find out which Blazblue character are you in this quiz.

However, this is only for those who have been “selected,” which includes the whole cast save Ragna and Litchi. Litchi is welcomed because Lao Jiu possesses a portion of Roy Carmine’s soul, which she uses as her small ticket to this wild voyage. When Ragna arrives at Izanami, she performs something that throws him off the ledge where Amaterasu is. The chosen’s new goal is to kill Noel rather than Izanami. Ragna, together with Jin, Noel, Celica, Rachel, Kagura, Kokonoe, Tsubaki, Hakumen, Tager, and Lambda, make a merry little band of misfits to help fix everything, and Ragna, along with Jin, Noel, Celica, Rachel, Kagura, Kokonoe, Tsubaki, Hakumen, Tager, and Lambda, form a merry little band of misfits to

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Meanwhile, several character closures are revealed in sub-stories. Carl comes to resemble Relius, and eventually stares into the Boundary to see what his father could see, suffering a major injury to his left eye in the process, but gaining all of his father’s knowledge and more. Relius enters the Boundary, leaving his son as a Tyke Bomb for the present world. Arakune is revealed to be a receptacle for Roy’s soul, which is still in the Boundary, rather than Roy/Lotte Carmine. When crazy Arakune eats Litchi, she has an opportunity to talk to Roy, who chooses “no, I don’t need saving, I want to investigate the planet from the boundary, and by the way, destroy my vessel.” Bang chooses to annihilate Arakune once and for all in response to Litchi’s desire.

Bullet reconciles with Tager after discovering he is her lost captain. Amane performs some Observer and resurrects Takamagahara as Rachel’s successor. Naoto Kurogane is missing and somehow becomes important to the plot. Hibiki accomplishes everything, and his latent desire to kill Kagura is never explored in the plot. Finally, Trinity, who resides within Jin’s sword, instructs him to assist Luna and Sena in repairing their combined body so that it does not fade away. Platinum then becomes crucial to the plot since she can manifest a MacGuffin capable of murdering Terumi once and for all. Terumi, on the other hand, grave robes Rachel’s deceased father and discovers the identical MacGuffin since he has other plans.

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