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Take this Homestuck Classpect quiz to find out your class and aspect. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Classes can be matched based on how similar their roles’ functions are; within these pairs, one class serves as passive (+), the other as active (-), with each member of a certain pair performing their responsibilities differently. Simply put, active means self-serving, while passive means group-oriented, with active classes employing or influencing their aspect directly and for their gain, and passive classes being influenced by their aspect and working to assist their team. According to Calliope, some people are more passive or active than others.

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HS.svg It is a hazy idea with considerable wiggle room, but Calliope provides two examples of this paired dichotomy: Both classes ‘steal’ in the instance of a Rogue/Thief pairingHS.svg, but Rogues do so to help their comrades and Thieves do it for their benefit. In the Bard/Prince pairingHS.svg, for example, both classes create devastation, with Bards causing/catalyzing the damage and Princes directly destroying.

Homestuck Classpect quiz

The passive/active system operates on a sliding scaleHS.svg, with certain classes being more passive or active than others. Except for the masterclasses, no class’s place on the scale has been divulged, however, suggestions have been provided. Hussie has indicated that a class’s passiveness or activeness is governed by a variety of circumstances, including whether the player is a Prospit or Derse dreamer. Also, you must try to play this Homestuck Classpect quiz.

Classes may also have gender alignments, with some being assigned to only one gender and others to both males and girls. Calliope has said that there is an equal number of male-exclusive and female-exclusive classes, as well as that the number of commonly-male and commonly-female classes are balanced. There were three male-exclusive classes mentioned (Bard, Prince, and Lord), as well as one female-exclusive class (Muse).

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Of the remaining ten classes, five are known to be non-gender-specific (Knight, Rogue, Thief, Seer, and Mage) – though some appear more frequently amongst a specific gender, (The Thief and Rogue pairing are typical – though not exclusively – assigned to female players) – the remaining five having been only assigned to a single-gender in canon, but not confirmed as being gender-exclusive (Heir, Page, Sylph, Maid, and Witch). To equalize the number of known male-exclusive classes, at least two of the remaining classes would have to be female-exclusive (presumably Witch and Maid, given the feminine connotations). Heir and Page, on the other hand, cannot both be male-exclusive since there aren’t enough viable female-exclusive classes to balance that out.

There is evidence that suggests Calliope’s views about class gender constraints are erroneous. Calliope’s theories aren’t always correctHS.svg, and Calliope’s view of gender may be based on her own species’ duality, thus what she perceives as gendered features may be based on personality traits that contrast her and Caliborn. When asked about the idea of a female character with the Prince class, Andrew Hussie said he wouldn’t rule anything out. It’s unclear whether this means Calliope was canonically incorrect about gender bias, or whether Hussie was simply relaxing the rules for fan work.

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homestuck classpect quiz
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