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In some ways, the brand-new Kendrick Brothers drama Lifemark can be seen as a complement to the 2019 drama Unplanned on PureFlix. These are both actual pro-life stories. But whereas Lifemark is a narrative about a life-affirming adoption, Unplanned is a story about Abby Johnson leaving the murky world of the abortion industry.

The movie Lifemark is based on the true account of David Scotton, a high school senior in New Orleans at the age of 18, who received a call from his biological mother, Melissa. Jimmy (Kirk Cameron), Scotton’s adoptive father, and Susan (Scotton’s biological mother), serve as a supportive link between these two (Rebecca Rogers). I Lived on Parker Avenue, a 2017 short documentary that includes footage of the actual encounter between David and Melissa, previously detailed the story of David and Melissa. Lifemark centers its plot on that encounter, painstakingly recreating the real reunion down to the smallest of details.

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The cast is led by Kirk Cameron, who reunites with the Kendrick Brothers for the first time since his firefighter role in Fireproof, the popular drama from 2008 that assisted in the expansion of the American Christian cinema industry. Lifemark was co-written by Alex and Stephen Kendrick and directed by Kevin Peeples. The Kendricks and Peeples previously collaborated on the life-affirming film Like Arrows (2018). Lifemark will be released through Fathom Events for one week, from September 9 to 15. Also, you must try to play this Lifemark quiz.

Lifemark quiz

Lifemark is a sincere endeavor with sincere storytelling that shows respect for its subject matter. It is difficult to criticize its flaws because of its genuineness. There isn’t much room for actual conflict in this style. The majority of the time, scenes proceed inanely. Characters quickly avoid conflict, and resolutions come to light with ease. The main character in the movie, played by newcomer Raphael Ruggero, is a prime example of this. David is saddened to learn that he cannot wrestle because of an operation, but the adolescent crisis passes quickly.

It Captures the Emotions of Adoption

The anxiety, anguish, numbness, relief, and pure delight of the adoption process are all beautifully captured in Lifemark. As teenage birth parents come to terms with their surprising pregnancy, we observe them. They look through dozens of potential parents’ profiles before selecting one that catches their eye. In the meantime, we feel the emotions of the adoptive parents: the ambivalence toward adoption following the tragic deaths of two young children (“I can’t go through another loss”) and the excitement upon learning they were chosen by Melissa to be the parents of a newborn. (The prospective parents enjoy camping and fishing – a semi-requirement for the birth mom.)

It Was Rejected by Hollywood Studios

The producers of Lifemark, Alex and Stephen Kendrick have had a lot of recent movie office success. On its second weekend of release, War Room (2015) was the most popular movie in America. Three films that debuted in the Top 4 were Overcomer (2019), Courageous (2011), and Fireproof (2008).

However, Alex Kendrick claims that Hollywood studios declined to release Lifemark because of its pro-life message. The conclusion of the movie reveals that Melissa almost chose abortion over adoption. She brings David to the location of the former abortion clinic in one moving sequence. (We don’t observe anything graphic.)

About the quiz

Lifemark quiz is made up of 30 questions that will help you uncover which character from the movie Lifemark you are most similar to. It uses a specific technique to determine your personality and compare it with the character in the movie.


  • Kirk Cameron as Jimmy Colton
  • Alex Kendrick as Shawn Cates
  • Marisa Lynae Hampton as Young Melissa
  • Dawn Long as Melissa Cates
  • Rebecca Rogers as Susan Colton
  • Raphael Ruggero as David Colton
  • Isabelle Almoyan as Reese
  • Lowrey Brown as Brian

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