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At the very least, Kevin Hart deserves credit for his prolific nature in maintaining the middle-brow, upper-middle-budget studio comedy on his own terms. Think of it as a grown man’s “Risky Business,” in which a respectable Mr. Mom-type scores an unaccompanied week at home after being a long-time stay-at-home dad in support of his successful wife’s career. Hart, along with Mark Wahlberg, stars in another Netflix bromance caper, “Me Time,” which is another Netflix bromance comedy.

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Put plenty of jokes about drinking, pooping, and masturbation in there at your own risk. They arrive in droves during “Me Time,” but as is to be expected, only a select handful make it. Search this occasionally clumsy, occasionally over-plotted story and you will discover worthy activities in it. This farce comes from writer/director John Hamburg, the penman behind the well-known films “Zoolander,” “Meet the Parents,” “Along Came Polly,” and “I Love You, Man.” There are a few genuine laugh-out-loud moments that almost make up for the terribly bad special effects, such as a sweet portrayal of an unorthodox heterosexual marriage where the woman is the breadwinner, a celebration of friendship, and a few other such moments.

Me Time movie quiz

Sonny, the aforementioned Mr. Mom, is portrayed by Hart. On a lavish and exciting birthday vacation for Huck (Wahlberg), who loves adventure and routinely spends over his means, we first see him in his 20s. We understand that Huck challenges the boundaries of the cautious, similarly conservative Sonny—and in a positive way, if their skydiving adventure, which revivifies the first reticent Sonny, is any evidence. But after going on several expeditions with Huck, the camera cuts to years later, when Sonny is barely in touch with him. With his acclaimed architect wife Maya (Regina Hall) and their two children, for whom he is the primary caretaker, he has established himself as a responsible adult.

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The Me Time quiz is made up of 30 questions that will help you uncover which character from the movie Me Time you are most similar to. It uses a specific technique to determine your personality and compare it with the character in the movie. Also, you must try to play this Me Time movie quiz.


Kevin Hart as Sonny Fisher

As the stereotypical stay-at-home father Sonny Fisher, actor Kevin Hart returns to his comedic beginnings. Sonny, the hardworking PTA president in Me Time, adores his wife and children but needs some time to himself. Being a parent to Dashiell and Ava makes Sonny happy, but it also makes him occasionally hopeless and wants some much-needed fun with a good buddy. As a former stand-up comic who transitioned into a big-budget actor in movies like Ride Along and The Man from Toronto, Hart is well-known. Hart has enjoyed success as a result of his regular work with Dwayne Johnson on blockbusters like Central Intelligence and the Jumanji series. Eli Roth’s Borderlands, starring Cate Blanchett and Jack Black, will feature Hart as well. Also, you will find out which Me Time character are you in this quiz.

Mark Wahlberg as Huck Dembo

Mark Wahlberg, who is most known for his role in The Departed, plays Huck Dembo, a brash criminal associate and Sonny’s erstwhile closest buddy. Huck is the stereotypically immature and reckless down-on-his-luck figure. Due to Huck’s obligation to a loan shark, Me Time is given some drama and action adventure as Sonny and Huck try to escape their weekend alone without hurting themselves. Playing characters in dramatic films like Boogie Nights and Fear, Wahlberg achieved widespread success. He frequently collaborated with directors Martin Scorsese and David O. Russell, and his work on The Departed and The Fighter earned him two Academy Award nominations. Wahlberg, who is well-known for creating popular television programs like Entourage and Boardwalk Empire, will star with Halle Berry in the upcoming Our Man from Jersey thriller on Netflix.

Regina Hall as Maya Fisher

In Me Time, Regina Hall plays Maya Fisher, Sonny’s wife, adding to her long list of comedic roles. Maya, a reputable architect, appreciates the contributions Sonny makes to their relationship and the dynamics of their family as a whole. In order to meet up with her boss Armando, she decides to give Sonny some alone time while she takes their children to see her relatives. Hall earned popularity on television through her role as Dawn Darcy on Showtime’s Black Monday, while she is best recognized for her early work as a staple of the Scary Movie genre. Along with Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes, she recently co-hosted the 94th Academy Awards. She also has a role in the movie Honk for Jesus. Protect Your Soul.

Me Time’s Supporting Cast & Characters:

Jimmy O. Yang plays Stan Berman, the aforementioned loan shark to whom Huck is owed money. Yang is a stand-up comedian who starred with Ryan Gosling as Bernard in the film Crazy Rich Asians and has been in Space Force and Silicon Valley, two comedy on television. The film 80 for Brady, starring Jane Fonda, is his upcoming undertaking.

Armando Zavala, played by Luis Gerardo Mendez, is Maya’s slimy boss and someone that Sonny would be envious of due to his nice looks. Mexican actor Luis Gerardo Mendez has been in the Netflix series Club de Cuervos and Narcos: Mexico. He presently appears in The Resort, a dark comedy from Peacock.

In Me Time, the British artist Seal, best known for his song “Kiss From a Rose,” makes a brief cameo as himself.

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