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Barbarian 2022 Quiz – Which Barbarian Character Are You?


Take this Barbarian quiz to find out which character from the Barbarian 2022 movie you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

With “Barbarian,” writer/director Zach Cregger shows that he is a true jack-in-the-box horror movie creator, starting with a nightmare that might happen to any of us: a double-booked Airbnb. Documentary researcher Tess (a superb Georgina Campbell) arrives in a small house in a forgotten area of Detroit late at night in the pouring rain, where a sleepy man named Keith is already residing. She can see his reservation confirmation, he’ll take the couch, and he can watch her open the bottle of wine someone left before he pours are some of the arguments he uses to persuade her to stay until they can resolve this.

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Cregger, of the sketch group The Whitest Kids U Know and their frat comedy for Playboy magazine, “Miss March,” is well aware of the material he is using. His economical cinematography gently nudges it such that the optics of this woman putting herself in a particular vulnerability are uncomfortable. Soon, it will be time to investigate the basement. Without giving anything away, you probably shouldn’t go there or past the door that can be unlocked with a piece of rope. This story creates varying levels of effective dread, occasionally as a result of aggressive plotting. Even when they are deliberately stupid, “Barbarian’s” eerie riddles and bizarre revelations nevertheless have plenty of visceral impacts. Also, you must try to play this Barbarian 2022 movie quiz.

Barbarian 2022 quiz

Georgina Campbell As Tess Marshall

A researcher named Tess Marshall travels to Detroit to interview for a position as a research assistant for a documentary maker. Before things take a turn, she is understandably wary of the Airbnb tenant she is staying with. Georgina Campbell, best known for her role as Lyta Zod in the DC Comics television series Krypton, plays Tess. Additionally, she has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows, including All My Friends Hate Me, Suspicion, the British drama Broadchurch starring David Tennant from Doctor Who, and Black Mirror.

Bill Skarsgård As Keith Toshko

The second renter that gets to the Airbnb before Tess does so just so happens to be Keith Toshko. Bill Skarsgrd, well known for playing Pennywise in the 2017 horror film IT, plays Keith. Andy Muschietti is the director of the movie. In the follow-up film IT Chapter Two, Skarsgrd returned as the spooky clown. The actor is also well-known for his work in the films Allegiant, Deadpool 2, Deadpool 2, Eternals, Nine Days, Castle Rock on Hulu, and Anna Karenina.

Justin Long As AJ Gilbride

After allegations of sexual misbehavior surface after the production of his pilot TV show, actor AJ Gilbride travels to his home in Detroit. While trying to sell off his belongings, AJ soon learns that the Airbnb home contains something quite evil. Justin Long, who plays AJ, is best known for his roles in Live Free or Die Hard, Jeepers Creepers, Galaxy Quest, He’s Just Not That Into You, the animated series F is for Family, and for his guest starring roles in the popular sitcom New Girl. He also voices AJ in the movie AJ: All I Want for Christmas Is You.

About the quiz

The Mother, a shadowy creature who resides in the home’s basement, is portrayed by Matthew Patrick Davis. Despite having only one goal in mind, she poses the most threat to the home’s occupants in the movie. Matthew Patrick Davis, best known for the TV series Dwight in Shining Armor and the cartoon comedy American Dad, plays the role of The Mother. Also, you will find out which Barbarian character are you in this quiz.

Richard Brake plays Frank, a man who has a history of preying on women, and whose house AJ ultimately decided to purchase. The roles that Richard Brake played in Hannibal Rising, Kingsman: The Secret Service, and The Mandalorian are among his most well-known performances.

Catherine, played by Kate Nichols, is a documentary filmmaker who speaks with Tess. Kate Nichols has made appearances in Danny, Pandora, and The Operative. Legend. God.

Andre, played by Jaymes Butler, is a longtime resident of the sinister Detroit area. Snowden, Big Game, and Resident Evil all featured Jaymes Butler.

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Kevin Miele

Kevin Miele is a seasoned writer, cinephile, and quiz enthusiast hailing from United States. Born with a love for storytelling and a penchant for detail, he has dedicated his talents to creating the ultimate cinematic quiz experience for movie buffs worldwide. From timeless classics to the latest blockbusters, Kevin's quizzes span across genres and eras, offering an inclusive and exciting challenge for film enthusiasts of all backgrounds. He believes that movies are not just a form of entertainment but a source of inspiration, reflection, and connection, and his quizzes aim to celebrate that.
barbarian 2022 quiz
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