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Take this House Of Night Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Zoey Redbird, 16, visits the House of Night after being Marked and discovers that she is not your normal fledgling. Nyx, the vampyre Goddess, has marked her as special. But she isn’t the only one with unusual abilities at the House of Night. When she learns that the leader of the school’s most prestigious club, the Dark Daughters, is abusing her Goddess-given abilities, Zoey must dig deep within herself for the strength to accept her fate— with a little help from her new vampyre pals.

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In a parallel universe, vampyres evolve from humans through a process known as “the Change.” A Tracker places the Mark of a crescent moon on 16-year-old Zoey Montgomery’s forehead one day, signaling that the goddess of darkness has chosen her to become a vampyre. Many children do not make it through the change, which worries Zoey. Her pious mother and stepfather, on the other hand, will be furious.

Back at the House of Night, Zoey understands that as the Dark Daughters’ leader, she must choose someone else to occupy the Earth position in her circle. When she exhibits a new affinity for the Earth, she selects Aphrodite, to to the chagrin of everyone else. Also, you must try to play this House Of Night Quiz.

House Of Night Quiz

Neferet wages war on all humanity, ostensibly out of sadness over his death. Zoey understands Neferet has lost her senses, gathers herself, and confronts Neferet after the Council. During the fight, Zoey begins to have doubts about herself. When she doubts her ability to stand alone against Neferet, she remembers the strength of her elements and the thrill of her new marks, and she trusts Nyx and the power she has been given. After that, she returns to her dorm to discover that Erik had witnessed her conversation with Neferet. He wants to believe her, but he is still devastated by Zoey’s betrayal. Zoey retires to her bed, exhausted and accompanied by Nala.

Stevie Rae, Zoey’s new roommate, warms up to her right away. Zoey meets Stevie Rae’s other pals, Damien, Erin, and Shaunee, in the dining hall. Damien is one of the few vampyres who is gay. Despite the fact that Shaunee is a black Northern girl and Erin is a white Southerner, Erin and Shaunee refer to each other as “twins.” Aphrodite is the leader of the Dark Daughters, a group of upperclassmen who are in charge of school spirit, Zoey discovers. Aphrodite visits Zoey’s table before she finishes her meal and encourages her to participate in a Full Moon Ritual the following night.

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Zoey attends a Dark Daughters and Sons rite. She realizes she must take control because Aphrodite abuses her authority and disrespects the goddess Nyx. Aphrodite’s falsehoods and deception, as well as the abuse of power, are unknown to Neferet. Zoey enlists the help of her new pals, as well as Erik Night, the popular student who also happens to be Aphrodite’s ex-boyfriend. Zoey is given enormous power after a botched ritual, allowing her to take over the Dark Daughters and Sons and become the new High Priestess in training.

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