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Take this Are You An Alcoholic Quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Alcoholism is a chronic condition that escalates from moderate to severe, uncontrollable alcohol usage. Alcoholism can cause a variety of health problems, as well as marital problems, financial difficulties, and other difficulties. Although “alcoholic personality” is not a clinical term, there are many personality features that are frequently observed in persons suffering from alcoholism.

Northbound Therapy is a rehabilitation facility that offers alcohol addiction treatment to people from all areas of life. We are committed to providing our customers and their loved ones with the knowledge they require to begin the road to recovery. In this section, we’ll go over the most typical alcoholic personality features that people exhibit when they have a significant issue, as well as the changes that may occur as alcoholism advances.

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What to Look for in an Alcoholic Personality
If a family member, close friend, or spouse is battling alcoholism, understanding the early indicators of alcoholism can help you determine the type of substance misuse and mental health therapy they require. Although different phases of alcoholism can affect people in very different ways, problematic drinkers share some alcoholic personality features. This involves an obsession with alcohol, blaming others, making repeated excuses, binge drinking, financial difficulties, shifting priorities, and recklessness. Also, you must try to play this Are You An Alcoholic Quiz.

Are You An Alcoholic Quiz

A Constant Concentration on Alcohol
You may observe that someone who is chemically addicted to alcohol is continuously focused on it. It may appear that alcohol is all they think about, whether it’s making plans to meet friends at a bar, making sure there’s plenty of liquor or beer at a party, or feeling anxious when a server doesn’t bring their beverage quickly enough. When someone offers to get together without alcohol, a person with an alcoholic personality may immediately decline, argue that the occasion would be pointless, or make a counter-suggestion that includes drinking.

Accusing Others
When it comes to alcoholic personality changes, another common trait is blaming others. This is frequent not only among alcoholics but also among drug users and persons with substance abuse disorders. Individuals who are not afflicted with alcoholism or addiction do not need to blame others because their activities are not troublesome. Someone with an alcoholic mentality, on the other hand, may try to blame their drinking on their boss, spouse, partner, roommate, or even an alcoholic parent.

Frequently Used Excuses
Making repeated excuses is related to blaming others in that both actions aim to shift blame elsewhere. To justify their excessive drinking, an alcoholic may claim that they had a difficult week at work or a long day if they drink during the week. Some may argue that watching sports or eating chicken wings is pointless without a few beers. Others may argue that a steak meal must be accompanied by a glass of wine. Perhaps it’s their friend’s birthday, or they weren’t hired for a job they desired. Someone suffering from alcoholism may always find an excuse to drink, whether it’s to celebrate or commiserate.

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Unrestrained Consumption
Uncontrolled drinking is one of the most noticeable personality changes as things escalate. If you live with an alcoholic or see them in public, you may see them in an out-of-control state with alcohol. This is generally an indication of addiction, as they have a persistent physical and psychological need to drink.

Furthermore, someone with an alcoholic personality will find it extremely difficult to stop drinking once they begin. For example, if an alcoholic goes to a party, they may declare they’ll only have a couple of drinks but end up drinking several. In some cases, a loved one may confide in you about their uncontrollable drinking; in this scenario, you should take their call for help seriously and encourage them in seeking addiction therapy. This are you an alcoholic quiz will help you answer the question.

Financial Difficulties
Financial difficulties are another prevalent alcoholic personality feature. Some attribute this to spending a significant amount of money on liquor to consume at home, happy hours, and going out to bars. The cost of drinking can certainly add up, but financial problems frequently extend beyond that. Financial problems can emerge as a result of working fewer hours owing to heavy drinking or losing a job entirely. When alcoholism becomes out of control, it can have a negative impact on a person’s living conditions. When people are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they may make impulsive internet purchases. Most people experience financial difficulties at some point in their life, but if it becomes a chronic issue, it may be tied to drinking.

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